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[PS]Loosing Pixel on Decreasing IMG Size
Hi Experts, I am facing a problem in image editing.I have downloaded images from google to make a rank image.But whenever i decrease its resolution it is loosing pixels.While i have done this about 6 months ago.Is there any way to solve this problem?
I am using Photoshop CC 2018.

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you know, this question is weird !

It is like asking why you are getting lower reading on scale while measuring mass when you through out a chunk of something under measurement.

reducing resolution means less info to build an image. hence smaller with less no of pixels.

Why do I end up eating when I put food in my mouth, chew and then let it go down to my stomach ?

or did I miss something that I didn't catch ?
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The way it looks like you didn't really size the image on the second layer. You used something like a transformation tool which lets you kinda "resize" the image but what it does is literally squeeze together the image. Hence why it looks so absolutely weird and pixelated.

Or it's just a photoshop thing. I never used that software myself properly. Only a few times with a Youtube tutorial to create small userbars. This was literally years ago. Sometimes a simple thing can be turned into something really hard by complex software such as PS.

I suggest to use the normal Windows Paint to resize the image you have on layer 2 to the size you need. Try it and see if it still looks so weird.
With best regards
Hidden Refuge
That's not true @HR. (or partially true?)

I personally use mspaint on regular basis for minor changes in an image. 
When we come to resize it's image, you might don't want to use mspaint since when you do it, it just makes the picture more ugly. Try selecting the pic, dragging it to smaller and then making it big. It will make more worse. 

The best way to resize images are through online image resizers. I use them everytime for custom dimensions or percentage of compression/resize.
So, is it just me or? Looks like everyone here is resizing images the wrong way? There is a dedicated function called resize where you enter the size you need and it will resize it properly. You decide whether to adjust format automatically (where it will calculate a fitting size) or to keep it as it is (which might end up squeezing the image though if you type in the wrong size). Using this functino the image never looked like in the screenshot above by OP or more ugly*. So far I never had issues with it. I always use this dedicated resize function.

* That's probably a thing of perspective and quality of the source image. Resizing a tiny image to a big resolution will make it very ugly ALWAYS and the same the other way around. Under normal circumstances however the images always look pretty much normal just with the desired smaller resolution.

[Image: JSZSm6o.png]
(example based on Paint.NET but MS Paint has the same function with almost the same options)

I never used the transformation tool to change size of the images. That tool resizes "rather strangely" while the dedicated resize function uses proper image resizing algorithms that your online image resizer is also using. The online services do exactly what the dedicated resize function does. The only place where this transformation resize works, kind of alright, is office if you have good source material.

So... MS Paint is enough to simply change the size of an image or of course you can do the very same in Photoshop. The resize function there is also available despite being a bit hidden in some of the many menus. I'm not a photo editor or a photogapher but I know enough to be able to resize an image without making it look like it has been squeezed through a drinking straw. GIMP is even worse... the function there is hidden even more.

With best regards
Hidden Refuge
A huge thanks to @Hidden_Refuge, I have resized the image without loosing pixels.I resized them in Photoshop btw resizing in Paint is very awesome.That is very easy and in original result.

Thanks Dude.btw sorry for late reply.I am busy in exams these days.

Here is my first rank image.

[Image: Cc0jK4A.png]

It is just a sample i shall create them after finishing the exam with more filters and contrast.

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Great to hear that you could solve the issue with our input Smile . I believe the first attempt you used to resize the image was a different technique that usually only works with vector graphics as these type of graphics are meant to be resizable with zero quality loss. Usual JPEG, PNG and other formats are not vector graphics and trying to resize them with the method you first tried always ends up with squeezed and ugly looking pictures.

Sorry if the wording is poor on these explanations but I'm really not a graphics artist or photographer. So I lack experience and the proper terms to explain it. I also could be wrong.
With best regards
Hidden Refuge
Thanks for your services.You are not a graphic designer or professional photo designer but you better understand.You almost explained everything about it.

@arsalahmed786 topic is marked as solved.

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