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Python is the Future?
I don't know how many members here use Python or have learned the language but I have been studying it for a while now. I made a topic about Python Editors while ago and it got quite a bit of response. I thought to start a separate discussion about Python as a language, capabilities, cons and it's future. This language has been around for about 25 years and it has come a long way from what it used to be. Today there are high-end Python developers and for those who specialized in various frameworks. I used to be a die-hard fan of PHP and still, I'm. It has come a long way too but as a language but, I feel like It's slowly reaching its limit. Same time Python is spreading into fields that early Python developers wouldn't even dream out.

We all know people slowly drifting away from Desktops and Laptops to mobile devices. So Moblie Apps going to dominate the known future. The bigger websites will become apps to get better control and performance over the devices. Now one problem with apps is today you need to make different apps for iOS and Android. There are cross-platform frameworks but when you are doing a high-level app still developers do it separately. Python has 2 of its own frameworks which are getting better day by day. These are called Kivy and BeeWare.

The reason I have started studying Python is its ability to get things done easily and it's versatile. Right now I'm looking at social media automation and Moblie App development using Pythons.  There are better methods to do these but then I have to study different things about each. I prefer learning one and use it for all.

There are 2 things people complain about Python. Especially by those non-Python developers. It's age and speed. Yes, it's a 25 years old language so they didn't plan for things like Moblie Apps those days when they mapping the language. But it's a language which gets better. Now the speed is a complicated thing. If you just purely look at benchmarks few other C family languages will show better speed. But in really 95% cases Python wouldn't show a speed problem.  Speed might be a problem is really high-level machine learning and image processing projects. But for something that level people often use very very specialized tools.

Today there are new languages that might give Python a run for its money. For example, I heard Rust is really good and might surpass Python in the future. Also these other languages like Julia and Go.

So anyway how many of you here use Python and for what you guys use it?

What are the pros and cons you have experienced with the language?

What do you think future hold for Python?

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