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(05-23-2021, 10:12 AM)Pacific Spirit Wrote: 3G allows unlimited subdomains even like as the MySQL or FTP, email etc...

Good to know! The 3G package that allows unlimited sub-domains, MySQL databases etc does seem to be an attractive plan.

As for most small websites, 20GB SSD raid 10 storage should be enough. Smile

(05-24-2021, 11:08 PM)Decent12 Wrote: Hostlease Webhosting and VPSs prices are amazing from always but from my previous experience with their sponsored to VPS to post4vps was not good enough there were few issues like un-Stable connection speed dropping down to 5mbps and then spiking to 100mbps which was the most annoying part for me and their CPUs are also weak but CPU problem can be ignored due to their low prices.

I would like know do you guys have still connections problem or it is fixed now?

The network issue has got a huge upgrade as of the last reports. So it is stable.

(05-25-2021, 12:22 AM)sAmI Wrote: The IP itself is not pingable do you have any other IPs at the moment?
I have a question actually, I have recommended this thread to my friend actually and he was kinda not sure if the price is too low and alots of people maybe must have grabbed it isn't it gonna actually  overload and caused problems for others on the same load? I wanna know what specification is the web hosting is running on though, I have used your VPSs thought not sure about the Shared Hosting


Hi, I made a typo, please try

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