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TermBin - Terminal Pastebin Service
[Image: fOVJcJl.png]

Hello everyone

I would like to share a very handy service with you that comes in as very useful when working in terminal only environments like a Linux server.

TermBin is a service that allows you to paste/upload content of text files or clear text files (scripts, logs, etc...) from your terminal to the Internet to share it with others. This is very handy when you have a issue and want to share error messages, log files and etc with others. Of course you can create a screenshot or paste the error or logs into a file, download it and then share the file. But why all of this? TerminBin makes all of these things unnecessary.


All you need on your server to use this service is the netcat client. This can be easily installed through the package manager of your Linux distribution. After that you can use already builtin commands to paste single lines or content from files straight to TerminBin. You will get a link back to view the paste online and share it.

The paste that you create is available for one month and will be deleted after that. Of course you shouldn't paste information that violates privacy laws or exposes you or your server to a security risk.

A short how to use from the TermBin page.

Pasting something (e.g. a small line of text) via echo:
echo just testing!  | nc 9999

Pasting a whole file:
cat ~/some_file.txt | nc 9999

Pasting the result of a command (example with ls command):
ls -la | nc 9999

In my honest opinion this is a very great service and I would even like to host such a service myself. Popular sites like don't offer such a service! This needs to be way more popular.
Kind regards
Hidden Refuge
Hmm I didn't know a service like this.
It is really nice, but we have to say that it just replaces another "one line" command to run scripts:
wget URL | bash

Still it is unbelievable that such services are so hidden!
Services like this needs more ads because we get to know them only thanks to very few people that decides to write an article about them.
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Thats really awesome!
Now i don't have to download the file and then copy and add it to pastebin.
Thanks hidden Smile
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