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The meaning of death!
Hi dears, 
It is a hard time for me and all of us living in the world. My mother has passed away in last december and I became lonely in my home as my brothers are working away. She was great and we had fun at our little home. She was at her 49. Anyways it was a big loss for me.
After that this pandemic has taken life of many loved ones. It is around five lakh death now.
Now I want to know why people are dying?  Is there anything like soul in our body? If so what is it made of?  Is it just air as we say last breath? 
What is your opinion?

Thank you  Sweet

i'm sorry for your loss!.

Is there anything like soul in our body?

honestly my answer i do not believe in a soul. in ghosts. but i believe in a soul of how someone's true earth is.

here is a qoute i once said.
"The atoms that belong to you're body cease to work as a unit, you're sense of self disappears and that precise combination that made your memories and being will never occur again in the universe. a story that can be told once." if it makes sense.

but again my huge condolences!.
god needed a guidance and couldn't find a better one.
I am too very sorry for your loss, nothing can express what mean to loss someone like a family member.
Regarding your questions, I think that these concept are strongly influenced by your background, such as where you live and which religion you follow.
For example for me, in Italy, we are strongly influenced by the Church and Christianity. We beleive that everyone have a soul and after death we will go in the heaven.

There isn't any real truth regarging your questions because we can't answer to them using science yet. Maybe sometime in the far future we will discover the essence of soul, who know-
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I'm also very sorry for your loss @Littlemaster.  Losing a mother is almost like losing your umbilical cord with life itself.  She gave you life so to speak.    

I always feel like someone doesn't really die spiritually, but parts of them live on in their family and friends.  So in a sense their spirit lives on.  The more tightly bonded they have been the longer it will live on.  For me the spirit side of things never dies.  It's part of a larger spiritual universe that I have very little knowledge off.  And it is also very subtle.  Like sometimes I feel for a species that have made so many major discoveries in life, we're totally lacking in being in touch with our spiritual selves and with one another.
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i am very saddened to hear of her death at such an early age. the hole in our being (soul ?) left by the departure of a good relation never gets filled again. And that left by ones mother ..... so very sad !!

there is no soul is what i believe. there is nothing except us ( untill we discover or make other conscious beings) ...and even the true form of us is not revealed to ourselves. who are we in essence. are we represented by some kind of conserved quantity or structure ? A long way to go before we can even hope to find out. i believe we will discover a material form or structure that differs from one person to the next and responsible for our mental state. eventually we will be able to remake repair transfer this unique structure. And this act or power will make us even more insignificant that way. like 100 einstein personas working on a certain problem in a mental substrate.

actually , we may like ande treasure our individuality. but we are nothing when left to ourselves. this will to individuality amidst all pervading interaction is responsible for our condition or situation. we probably need both. that will become evident with more research in consciousness. we will end up knowing how truely insignificant we are when alone.

all this divisive racist narratives will be proven baseless. though whether we will learn from that is a totally different matter.
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@Littlemaster SO sad to hear. May ALLAH give her peace in Heaven. and one thing i wish to tell you we all are came from GOD and after spend some time in this earth we al must have to go back to him. and ALLAH is our true lover and well wisher. The true life will be start after death. a new world is awaiting for everyone who leave this world.
That's really sad bro loosing mom really hard to believe without mom its really hard to live in this world the care ,the love only a mom can show bro ,but we can't stop a death its common in life everyone 1 day need to leave this world once they leave us we feel alone all there memories will be surrounded around our minds be confident and continue your journey bro you can't do anything regarding the loss of mom its life you should move on hope you get married to girl who take care like your mom bro !
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Condolences for the loss of your mother @Littlemaster. It must have created a real void in your life. It's a slot which once emptied, no one can fulfill its place. But that's life and we can do nothing but accept.

Speaking about death, yeah I'd like to highlight that I believe in the existence of the soul. Our body is but a mere machine which needs a central authority to be controlled which is the role played by our soul.

COVID is really taking a toll on humanity with millions infected and hundreds of thousands people dead. And it's still continuing, moreover, the future seems vague too. No one can say when can a proper vaccine can be found for corona, and until it's done, the situations will only worsen.

Coming back to the soul, well I really can't say if it's immortal or not. Personally, looking at it from a technical point of view, it's like once you die, your soul falls back to the pool, from where it's assigned control of some other body at a later time. And in the middle void, all memories get cleared, and it's a fresh soul that enters a little one.

Once again really sorry for your loss which can in no way be replaced or repaired. It's only acceptance that can help, and I'm sure you'll be able to do that eventually.

Sayan Bhattacharyya,

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Sad to hear about your mother since losing mother is almost like losing everything.
I do believe Ghost exists and its not like i have read somewhere and sharing with you guys but i have experienced it myself and saw many weird things in my village which made me to trust that ghost exists.
About soul: Well I do believe it exists due to my religion and I completely trust it but its all about people am sure some people wont believe that something like soul exists.

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