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Watch out with IZEPLAY!
Since the past 5-6 years, complaints have been received about the website izeplay (In their name IZEPLAY) is a website for € 5 | $ 5.63 | £ 4.55 | $ AUD 8.18 | $ CAD 7.69 | JPY 602.96 | $ SGD 7.84 per week can sign up for the so-called Premium Games online. They are not innocent because without people knowing, children / young people who like to play games spend tens of euros per month online. Today was in the news that someone in the Netherlands had lost more than € 700 after he had lost an account of more than € 755 with his telephone provider on his telephone company invoice because he allegedly signed up for their services. After a check, it is the case that you do not do this yourself, but you probably clicked on an advertisement where IZEPLAY is running very technically and you accidentally clicked on it. But if you click on it, you will be automatically registered with them and you must therefore pay an amount of at least € 5 per week. Converted € 20 per month extra. But it doesn't stop there. This service is very dangerous for your wallet because IZEPLAY has many more services active and if you register with one of their services, the chance is very high for approximately 83% that you are also registered with their other services, so you pay € 10 per week or more if you are signed up with several such nonsense ...

** The complaints are about these services **
There is a striking number of complaints about one company on the internet: Mobster United. There are dozens of stories about the company on the website Mobile websites associated with it include:

game planet (see also these complaints on Twitter)
retro games (see also these complaints on Twitter)
game crash (see also these complaints on Twitter)
ringfy (see also these complaints on
mob-24-7 (see also these complaints on
... and many others, such as: android24-7, 2game, mob-247, mobcontente, videoplaisir, playwin, playboxx and

I'm stuck with one of these sites. How do I fix this?
In the Netherlands you have a website called where you can enter your telephone number, so you will receive an SMS with the password to see if you have registered, if so you can also unsubscribe from it.
2nd solution is best for worldwide. Contact the customer service of your telecom provider. They are obliged to help you block the unwanted activities. However, getting the money back is a big problem, with this you could report it to the police or go to court to get your money back because the provider always asks whether you have used it but because they they cannot often compensate for the damage you have suffered.
Thanks for the warning mate. im sure a lot of people would watch out for scam sites and think twice before giving away their money to some scam sites. also i do not understand why people would trust an unknown website and a suspicious one. i never gave an info or credit card to website before checking it. first of all (if you guys want tip from me) make sure the website is really true and not a scam and make sure people are not reporting it is a scam. also check from where they are getting the games, they might have steal it and then you get banned for it. on steam or anywhere else. after everything is good then you can purchase whatever service you want/game and you are good to go!
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@Pacific Spirit I've moved the discussion to the Games section.

I agree with you and the problem is definitely not limited to the Netherlands. South Africa also has this problem albeit with other similar type companies.  In South Africa these games are offered through cell phone providers and people don't have a clue they are paying for it, until they have been billed for it.  There isn't a transparent notification that comes up to get the customer to sign up or register first. No warnings or protection of the customer. I know of an 84 year old lady who without knowing had clicked on a wrong button, and then got billed the next month for a huge sum.  The next scandal is that the cell phone provider does this as an agent, so once the problem has happened, they can't directly fix it, it has to be fixed by the games company.  It took this old lady six months to fix the problem, while the games company was still charging her a monthly fee through the cell phone provider. Absolutely shocking!

Hopefully if the Netherlands is aware of this they will bring out legislation to protect customers from providers doing something like this.
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Not only izplay there are many websites and apps around world who always try to scam people by stealing there information ,credit cards data ,money once anyone got trap then he or she will always loose money's since many don't read terms and requirements also sometimes even you fought or file a case against these scammers sites they will show terms and conditions which you were signed
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