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What are you listening to right now?

There has been such a thread already but it has been simply closed without any kind of comment from the staff instead of being moved into the SPAM/Test/Junk forum.

So I decided to create a new one as a music back log where you can share what you are listening right now.

I'll start.


RIP XXXTentacion

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well i like Linkin park songs..also Skillet ,Thousand foot kruth.. Heart Heart
anyway RIP XX :/

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Well I really don't know who was xxxtenction but when he died many sharing there feelings and posting rip then I got to know he was one of the best rapers
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Lil Skies - Lust

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i am currently listening to YG - Left, Right ft. DJ Mustard
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Thug Life.I like this Song.I used it once i fight with a college gang. Bohemia and Gippy

Aj Mitran Nay Taur Kadhi

Vairi bada lagande zor
Par gali gali mera shor
Main foreign ch rehna
Meri 25 pindan ch Taur
Maine badli ni Topi
Badle ni Nike
Par jis din da aaya
Maine badal ditti gayaki
Vairi bada lagande zor
Par ajj vi mera daur
Main ajj ae vi betha 5 star ch naal Gippy Grewal
Meri lifestyle jive movie
Main movie star bina movie
Mere rap ch gap ni mera best attack
Tu sale rap kare mere wangu tu vi
witchblades - lil peep x lil tracy

[Image: zHHqO5Q.png]
as usual yesterday i was listening my favorite radio EnergyFM it gave me my old favorite song nonstop playing this song on repeat mode.

Coldplay - Charlie Brown (David Audé Remix)
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here list of my favorite song to listen

baon cikadap - lagu jorok (indonesian song about song that is dirty but its worth checking out)
tarro - bad to u (intro song of one of indonesia youtube god)
dirty rush gregor es - brass (clickbait fortnite youtuber intro . i just laugh when seeing the intro)

theres more but that is the one that i can think outside of my head
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