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Which VPN do you use?
Quote:Why you use this VPN?
Do you recommed this VPN (Yes or No and why)
Is the price affordable?
How is the customer service?
What is their Network speed (So test your ISP and then with VPN for a good comparation)
Do they have a website?
Do they offer a Money back Guarantee?
You can use some of this to make a review.

I open this topic to find out what you think of the VPN services that you use and what your experiences are with it, so what you like about this provider compared to your previous one, what can be improved and which you recommendation and which you advise against others, and whether you have a free or premium package / subscription and whether it is also price quality.

I currently use ExpressVPN because I like their servers very much. ExpressVPN is one of the largest premium VPN providers in the world. They are known for their high quality, perfect connection speeds and great ease of use. This VPN provider was established in 2009 and they have since become the market leader in the VPN industry. A subscription gives you access to the extensive server network of this VPN provider. The ExpressVPN server network consists of more than 2000 servers at 145+ server locations.

ExpressVPN is based in the British Virgin Islands, which means that they do not have to keep logs due to local legislation. ExpressVPN keeps absolutely no logs.

ExpressVPN is also very user-friendly and therefore accessible to everyone. The VPN app is very well-arranged and works intuitively. You do not have to be a computer fan to use ExpressVPN. Moreover, the customer service of this VPN provider is very helpful.

The ExpressVPN website is well-arranged and useful
The installation process of ExpressVPN is very easy
The ExpressVPN software is intuitive
ExpressVPN is the most expensive than the other VPN providers
They offer a wide range of payment options
ExpressVPN has an excellent 24/7 customer service with live chat box
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A year ago in April I bought 2 years of NordVPN subscription at 66% off. Would I recommend them? Sure, why not. I'm using it solely if I need a static IP or access something from a different country. When I bought it I used it a lot to access Netflix US (cancelled my Netflix subscriptions about four months ago). I have used their customer service a few times so far and they always have been quick and helpful (live chat usually). Network speed is almost the same as without a VPN (minimal loss always applies) for my home connection. On a different connection with a different ISP it is slower, though. Probably related to the ISP and their bandwidth carriers though. I will not be renewing unfortunately as NordVPN has dropped PayPal as a payment option. My plan runs out in April 2020.
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VyprVPN, Is a VPN Service Designed For Top Level Security and Fast Internet Speed!
I use VPN to play games abroad! That is all.
I Highly Recommend Because With Low Prices! You can already access their Fastest Server! And Ensure Security When Surfing on the Internet!
Yes, with a price similar to 1 Bento package from Hokben! You Can Get Their Premium Services!
LiveChat and Email support for customers is enough for me! If You Are Still Lack You Can Switch To Premium To Get 24/7/365 Support
With VyprVPN I don't feel the Difference in Internet Speed! For Latency It's Faster!
Of course they have
No Money Back
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for VPN i use my own vps using ssh tunnel and some play store sh*t vpn like turbo vpn ,etc

Why you use this VPN?
i use ssh tunnel because it is easy to configure . i use play store vpn only when i really need vpn in other country but i never and try to not use it to enter sensitive data . so it is great just to pass geographic restriction but not seucirty

Do you recommed this VPN (Yes or No and why)
the vps tunnel . yes if you have a vps . the play store vpn yes if you really need vpn but no for anything else

Is the price affordable?
very affordable it is free . both of them are free if you get vps from this forum

How is the customer service?
both of them doesnt have good service . the ssh tunnel in the vps is not managed but it is great because i can fix the problem my self using terminal on vps

What is their Network speed (So test your ISP and then with VPN for a good comparation)
mostly the same with the vpn overhead because my internet is slow

Do they have a website?
most of play store vpn doesnt

Do they offer a Money back Guarantee?
ssh tunnel depend on the vps . for the play store vpn it is free with your sensitive data
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I used many VPNs
2.Hotspot Shield
3.Turbo VPN
I used this to protect my ip from some sites and they were awesome tbh
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I have used VyperVPN and Hotspot Shield.But all of those make my internet connection very slow.I tried many other Browser extensions and desktop vpn's.But the most useful i found was the Keenow DNS Changer.It is best for my use.
I use my own VPN solution which uses OpenVPN with IPtables firewall. I own three VPS to balance the IP addresses and make sure there are no logs saved for them.
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I'm in Canada now and find PureVPN works MUCH better here than in South Africa. Like effortless in comparison. Of course in the UAE where VPN is against the law, PureVPN didn't work at all. I guess I better check as I had a 3-year contract and it probably will get to its end soon.
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i suggest you to get protonvpn . its best but when you use P2P trafic he disable your net Sad hotspot have low speed and he have USA server only
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I use vpngate free vpn service.

Why you use this VPN?
This is free and very effective. Lots of new and old providers fromall over the world. Lots of new ips coming up all the time. you also have option to choose from more than one vpn tech

Do you recommed this VPN (Yes or No and why)
yes. very much. check the answer to the previous question.

Is the price affordable?
yes. free actually.

How is the customer service?
ummm. Never needed to contact them for help.

What is their Network speed (So test your ISP and then with VPN for a good comparation)
sometimes pretty good for a free provider. Depends on the speed and location of the system providing the service.

Do they have a website?

Do they offer a Money back Guarantee?
Did I say it is free.
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