Poll: Which part of VPS matter the most for you?
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CPU vCore count
RAM amount
Storage amount and technology
Network speed
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Which specification of VPS matter the most for you?
(02-28-2021, 04:21 PM)sohamb03 Wrote: Starting with CPU cores, I have two on my VPS 9 Atlanta which more or less serves my purpose but I honestly prefer 4 for faster compilation. For example, I've to wait an hour and a half for the application to compile even while compiling a debug build.

Hope you've read this post as to why your vCPUs are not performing as well as they should.
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For my use case (hosting lower-bandwidth services and applications), I find that memory is the most important resource, closely followed by CPU. High disk speed is important, but capacity is not such a big deal. Low latency has some importance, but speed is no issue at all for me, as long as it is reasonably fast (100 Mbps or more).
(04-11-2021, 12:26 PM)fChk Wrote: Hope you've read this post as to why your vCPUs are not performing as well as they should.

I just read your reply, and I quickly went through your post and that seems to explain why the compilation process is a little slow. As I said earlier it works for me, I recently got a PC that has a good enough CPU to fly through compilations so I can code locally and compile before pushing any changes to GitHub, no more code, commit, pull, build, debug lineup. Thanks for the explanation though I really appreciate it.
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Speed is essential, especially inside the server. The higher the number of VPSs on a dedicated server, the slower the speed of each VPS. Therefore, be sure to get a service from a provider that does not oversell on servers.

For example, on a dedicated server with a 1Gbps Internet port and 70 VPS servers, each server will get about 20 to 55 Mbps to download speed. But it is also related to the power of your VPS servers. If your VPS has more details, you will get faster internet speed.
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