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[XOL] Xolentum - The Future is Digital

The Future is Digital

Xolentum is a decentralized, peer-to-peer and open source digital currency.
It's fast, secure and completely private.

But why Xolentum ... ? Most of the existing cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, have transparent blockchains. This means that user's activity and transactions are traceable by anyone. With Xolentum that's not the case. Xolentum transactions are untraceable, since the sending and receiving addresses as well as transacted amounts remain private.

Xolentum doesn't have a premine, we do not believe in reserving funds for ourselves. Everything is fair and equal for all. 

Xolentum uses Monero's industry leading technology and we plan to follow them closely to stay ahead of the curve. Hence, Xolentum uses RandomX hashing algorithm, which means that it is ASIC resistant, and mineable only by CPU and GPU. Our main objective behind this, is that the person mining even on the minimal hardware should not go unrewarded.

Xolentum has a 60-second block time, which means that not only transactions are secure, but fast too. Moreover, the network fee is very low.

  • Name - Xolentum
  • Ticker - XOL
  • Supply - Not fixed
  • Initial Block Reward - 50 XOL
  • Block time - 60 seconds
  • Decimal Points - 12
  • Ports - 13579 (p2p) and 13580 (RPC)
Important Links

Official Website :
Block Explorer   : (Not live yet)
BitCoinTalk thread :

Team               :
Services           :

Documentation :
Guides             :
Press Kit          :

It's a matter of extreme pride for us to announce that we are launching our public testnet today. Testing and debugging will go on for about a week, and then we will launch our mainnet. 

We have already implemented CSLAG into our codebase, which significantly reduces the size of transactions. 

We give equal importance to the use case of a coin. Hence, it's a pleasure to announce that we are also developing a game which will be using the coin. To make it cross platform, we plan to have it web-based. It will be released shortly after the mainnet is launched. 

We want to build a active community around our project. We already have a lot of users who know about the project and are showing a huge interest in it, and we wish it keep growing forever.

Hope to see you all on our Discord server, which is our main community hotspot.  Smile

Sayan Bhattacharyya,

Heartiest thanks to Post4VPS and Virmach for my wonderful VPS 9!
i really hope to see Xolentum growing up. i support you and i wish the best luck with the cryptocurrency project. i will start mining this coin when it gets out. also maybe you can ask mining sites to add your coin and miner to their site such as and etc. good luck mate!
Thank you Post4vps and BladeNode for vps 6!!!
Why does the site still has default theme text on the front page and yet you guys are posting adverts on other sites ?

Also no record of transaction ? how do you expect to keep track and validate then ? i dont see any whitepaper describing yout concept ?

I have only two words that came to my mind.. highly suspicious ..

anyways, good luck !
Sincere Thanks to VirMach for my VPS9. Also many thanks to Shadow Hosting and cubedata for the experiences I had with their VPSs.
Hey @OldMeister,

Thanks for your kind words. Community support is essentially everything that matters for us, and it feels good to see people waiting for the mainnet.


So yeah to answer you, the website only has the default text on the blogs section. There's a reason for it. As said earlier, we've only launched a testnet now, so things are still in development and so is the website. The blog posts will be made after we officially launch our mainnet and then it'll reflect in that section. We can't keep it empty because it won't look good of course in that case.

Secondly, I assume that by "record of transaction", you mean a block explorer. To answer this, again the same reason as above, what is live now is only a testnet, which is meant for debugging and identifying issues with the core software, and the funds in the testnet are technically useless and do not have anything to do with the funds that will be generated over the mainnet when it launches.

For white paper, we do not have anything to write a white paper about. The core is a mere Monero clone at the moment, and all we'd have to write in the white paper should be that "We've successfully forked Monero".

Unless we're sure that things work as is, which is the sole idea of the testnet, we cannot innovate and introduce anything new to the core. Agreed that a white paper is essential to outline our future plans and what we plan to build around this asset, but it'll only be released shortly before we launch the mainnet.

Sayan Bhattacharyya,

Heartiest thanks to Post4VPS and Virmach for my wonderful VPS 9!

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