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eBay has Partnered with Payoneer No Need Paypal Anymore
If you had any interest in becoming an eBay Seller the biggest problem you had before was how to receive payments. The only option was Paypal and if you are living in a country that hasn't got a Paypal withdrawal option then you are in trouble. So many had Paypal accounts made for this putting Philinese as a country and using fake identification info. That has come with a huge risk of sooner or later Paypal catch up with you and terminate your account which makes your eBay seller account impossible to use.

Now you won't have this problem. eBay has partnered with Payoneer and you can withdraw money to your Payoneer card, account, or to a local bank using their account. Unlike Paypal, they accept all countries which is a great advantage. Especially for Dropshippers now this method can be used.

Even I'm thinking about trying dropship on eBay. Till now I didn't try because of all this Paypal nonsense. Now maybe it's time to try that. Smile

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Well they just released managed payments--which means they control all their payment in house now. Not before where it was all paypal. Although it made it easier for you by giving you options for foreign country but their fee is just now way too much. I used to sell stuff here and there but its impossible to sell stuff as a hobby now since the fee is so much. If you of course have a inventory you will make money and profit but not as hobbyist and selling one or two item once in a blue moon.
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I think it is still a good news for those who cannot use Paypal legally in their country.

At least for sellers, it is still better than using a Paypal account with fake information as it is too risky.

But of course Payoneer is not as popular as Paypal, and some buyers may not want to make payments with Payoneer. Smile

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