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pc gameing
[Image: four-accessories.jpg]
hello everyone . i want to buy a pc for gameing ... hard games in terms of hardware . what kind of model do you offer and how much hardware do I need? how much cpu hardware i need and how much ram???
the most  important thing is the graphics card. What graphics card should I buy? (Lifetime).
please say at least hardware because I don't have much money.
I could actually recommend you some stuff especially about CPU components , but I would need a budget around which I could recommend you the hardware , I also recently bought a gaming PC so I have knowledge what stuff is better.
Everyone's first question when they hop into pc gaming - what parts should I buy?
Answer to it - what is your requirement?
Are you gonna play and stick around games like Minecraft? You don't need much of a hardware.
Are you gonna play competitive games like CSGO and/or PUBG? You need a better hardware. Probably like an i5 and gtx 1060.
Are you gonna play resource intensive games like Arma, Rust? You better grab a i7 and a better graphics card.
How much budget is available to assemble a PC Gaming?
I think you can save money by assembling a PC instead of buying a PC that has been assembled by the factory!
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There are 2 main question:
- How much budget do you have?
- Are you capable of assemble a PC from single hardware pieces?

If you are not capable to assemble a PC, you can only by OEM-branded gaming PC. Look around and find one that is under your budget. Otherwise, I suggest you to build up a Ryzen 3 powered PC, they are cheaper than Intel but with good performance too, a [min: 8GB -> good: 16GB -> overpowa: 32GB] RAM set with a frequency compatible with Ryzen and a Nvidia 1080 Ti, which still rocks!

Regarding peripherals devices such as monitor, mouse and keyboard... well I think that spending more then 50€ on a keyboard or mouse is crazy. I don't really need RGB/gaming look on these device. What you need is good performance not good looking stuff. For the monitor, well I can't help there, I am literally lost due to G-Sync, Free-Sync, Dynamic refresh rate, static refresh rate; so much features that you will be indecisive on which buy.

If you want a lifetime graphic cards, there aren't much choice, you can only buy the current most brutal video card: Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti or if you are enough crazy the Titan edition. Nowadays new technologies are being developed and we don't know how many of these will be supported by "mid-tier" graphics card, so if you want to buy only once, you need to buy the best of the best at the time.

But what is important here is your budget, we can suggest you any build but it will be useless if you are not able to get it. So I suggest you to look for "%your budget% gaming build reviews" where you can see benchmarks and the real performance on games
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Please use pcpartpicker and it offers the cheapest to expensive in a great visually appealing and useful way. I also suggest vising the subreddit /r/buildapc AFTER you use pcpartpicker to choose your parts and get feedback on it. They are great people helped me build my first PC Smile
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(09-07-2019, 11:02 PM)Kururin Wrote:  Please use pcpartpicker and it offers the cheapest to expensive in a great visually appealing and useful way. I also suggest vising the subreddit /r/buildapc AFTER you use pcpartpicker to choose your parts and get feedback on it. They are great people helped me build my first PC Smile

PCPartPicker is a great tool to start building your PC. It also shows you others PC builds that break down the cost for you. They have a whole section of pre-built PC's and you can see them in action with real images. 

It allows you to pick CPU, CPU Cooler, Motherboard, Memory, Storage options like hard-drive/etc, the case, the video card, case fans, headphones, mouse, and even keyboards all within the site, so definitely check that out. If you are looking for a budget PC, definitely do take a peak at some of these pre-built computers. If you are new to building PC's, try asking a friend that you trust with building one for you. Be careful, because some people like to switch out parts in PC's for bad/older parts, this has happened to me and my  family before.

[Image: 71HvMhY.png]

Good luck!
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I want a gaming computer that can show live gta v games for example.
At the moment I have a budget of $ 3,000.
At the moment I have a budget of $ 3,000.
Yes I can assemble the pieces and make a system. But I don't have much experience with different models of computer hardware.
The question is not which gaming pc is better.
The question must be i want a pc to play (games here) so by them you can decide the specs
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what you should buy is depend on how much your budget and what you do with the graphics card . please be more specific
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