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where do you stand when it comes to piracy ?
This is going to be a very weird thread where you are going to confess about some of your sins. No. I am not here to absolve you. I am just the first to accept mine.

First thing first. If you have enough money to buy something, you should buy it. Even if it means penny pinching for months. That kind of hardship often builds character and puts your love of something on deeper foundations. 

now on to my sin...

i will keep pirating books. i can't not have the books i can't afford just because i can't pay for them and can't accommodate enough work to pay for them. Knowledge should be free.

i dunno how to compensate the writers and publishers though. I still think about it. haven't found any convincing solutions yet. but that is not going to stop me.

i think this is the only crime I'm willing to commit even if they set capital punishment for it. I will not steal your books. i will make copies of them and also all my books are always available for any of you to copy.

Just hoping i never have to live off the earnings from some books.. lol

i understand the other side and i have no perfect solution yet. but i can't let that stop me from doing this. sorry people...

this is irrational. i know. sorry.

Now it's your turn.
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Okay now its my turn sadly.....
First sin: I feel bad when it comes to torrenting..... As a teen I cannot afford netflix, prime, etc (I still have netflix which is a shared account of my friend sadly) ...... So I downloaded movies (which is actually bad) and now I have stopped it tho as I have got a netflix from friend......
Thnx to my friend Smile

Second sin: As mentioned by @rudra , BOOKS! I like reading novels, adventure books, programming books, entrance exams books to keep myself fresh everyday ....... some of these I have but some books are pricy and cannot purchase them ...... So I have downloaded some books online.... sorry but yes as mentioned by @rudra that education and writing things should be free and accessible to everyone to take its taste!

That's all!
Whenever I think of these it makes me feel bad but at the same time it reminds me to not do that again......
But I know sadly that I will not stop this...... I like books..... I am not doing any crime like pirating and selling , etc..... I am just downloading one copy for free from web to read and get knowledge ..... That's All!

My turns over!
Next one plz ^_^
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ahaha interesting thread, well the way I see it, if I torrent or "pirate" something that actually helps me knowledge wise or money wise then I always aim to buy that item back and normally I do purchase the real thing. I don't really like to pirate but there's no choice for me when it comes to games as residing in a 3rd world country buying a 60$ game every month or every year even isn't exactly affordable due to our country's economy. Now ofcourse if I really enjoy a game I'd try to purchase it and I have over a 100 games on my Steam account but there are still many games that I finished but never bought.

Another thing that I have to pirate are Adobe programs. (Illustrator/Photoshop), but I don't use them to earn money or anything I just have great interest in graphic design and I like to learn their tools one by one, if the day comes when I actually start earning from gfxdesign I'd surely purchase the original software.
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OK First sin: maybe this is not included in the category of sin for me, I download anime and manga then watch it and even spread it to the public! I don't even care that I want to be reported to the police or state officials, yet they don't care about this one piracy issue! the most important thing is entertainment!

Second Sin: pirating the game, I only pirating one game a year later I bought this game! i.e. Minecraft!

third sin: pirating novels, this I do when the novels (which are hijacked) are not available in the local market!
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I guess what is wrong is wrong no matter how we try to justify it. But there are things we do for various reason what might still call wrong. So yeah I guess I have done my share of that too. I guess it's mostly Books, TV series and movies which I can't find locally. Mostly it's TV series since Local TV stations still trying air those series like 100 years old. I remember I when first watch Stargate Sg1 on TV I got hooked up. But they just stop airing it after half the 1st season. I had to search for and watch online years later. I would like to get Netflix but here Internet quota is hilariously low so no pointing taking it.

I do that for software too but if it's a good one I would buy it. Except for ridiculously expensive software like Adobe Photoshop. I'm using an old version which they no longer support.

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Sorry guys.  I have to close this discussion.  If you check our Anti-spam rules discussion of illegal activities is against our Forum rules:

Unfortunately piracy is against the rules of our Forum and also our sponsors are very strict about use of pirated software for good reason.  It is considered an illegal activity that can lead to an instant suspension of the VPS.
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lockThread Closed 

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