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[VPS 9]Emergency Maintenance & Updates
Got this Mail today from Virmach:
Quote:Dear VirMach Customers,

As you may already be aware, due to recently found security flaws with Intel processors (Meltdown & Spectre) we must reboot all services.

We will begin emergency kernel updates & reboots on all VirMach services, starting Thursday, January 11th, at 2PM Eastern US time. We apologize for the short notice, and hope you understand. VirMach usually uses rebootless kernel update services, but in this specific case we will need to manually apply the patch. If the rebootless patch becomes available from our provider, we will attempt to avoid a reboot. Please note that this is not an issue with VirMach servers, but is a problem with all Intel processors. While required maintenance does not usually qualify for uptime credits, we will be crediting all VPS customers for (1) day of service. We thank you for your continued support.

Emergency Maintenance:

    Check for more information & updates on our network issue page.
    If you have a KVM service (SSD128 to SSD32G) or dedicated server with us, please don't forget to update your kernel.

Some News/Updates:

    VirMach storage servers are almost ready. Check back next week!
    VirMach is hiring new support staff as we expand. Expect even smoother support in the coming months.
    VirMach now has services in 11 datacenter locations, and 10Gbit services in 4 locations.

They r only hiring for Los Santos location members I seen there application. Already in somewhere ,thanks for informing dyanmo
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MTA sanandreas developer & Co-founder at

OK i think 5-6 Hour left on this waiting till its done. and Hope it may only take upto 10min because they want to reboot and updates only right?
Best regards,
Support Team of Post4VPS.
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