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How to get a FREE VPS Trial Withour CC for 1MONTH ?
No root/admin access but great for just using it to use apps like what it intended to use the problem for me is just how slow it is compared to normal rdp for some reason . But except that its a great option for running apps in cloud
humanpuff69@FPAX:~$ Thanks To Virmach And Post4VPS for VPS 9
(08-28-2018, 12:11 PM)Kururin Wrote:  PayPal is a shitty service and company. I still don't get why people use them. They have done so many shitty things to me that I can write a book about it. First of all they freeze any account that have a large amount of money. And when trying to contact them they can't do nothing about it. Now that money is there indefinitely and I cannot transfer it to my bank. There are many other examples of these shitty business tactis of PayPal out there.

People use it because it is biggest and most trusted payment gateway. So far not a single other service could complete with it. I'm not a fan of them but I can't blame for what they do. They think more about buyers safety than seller. Then there are agreements with central banks of difference countries about how they handle money. I have only been a buyer for all those years so I can't think of a single time I had a problem with them. So from buyers point of view they seems pretty good.

Be yourself everybody else is taken ~

I'm happy I can use PayPal under a pseudonym. Like at least it provides a layer of safety and @xdude says - it's been working consistently for many years. I can also use prepaid Visa gift cards with it. I can't receive money however - I think when it gets to that point it always gets tricky with PayPal. I've heard many complaints from users about the payment problem. Only criticism I have for myself is they want me to live only in one country and not travel to another. My account gets blocked when I try to access it from a different country.
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Thank you to the Owner & Staff of Post4VPS and VirMach for an awesome VPS 9 experience!

I also use a prepaid VISA card for my Paypal. I wouldn't use my Debit cards or even credit card for online stuff. This location thing is a pain in ass but They have added that security measure because of hacking problems happened years ago at begin of Paypal. Some Paypal Accounts were hacked from remote areas in Africa and Russia where they couldn't trase who did it or recover money. So They have foolproofed it by freezing accounts which accessed outside the usual location. But I think you can notify them if you going to another country so they do allow access only from that country. I don't know if they still do it but I remember they allowed that years ago.

Be yourself everybody else is taken ~


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