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NanoKVM | Free NAT KVM | Multiple Locations

the NanoKVM saga continues.

Specifications of the KVM's
- 1 or 2 Core(s) (Shared)
- 256,512MB or 1024MB Memory
- 10GB¹ HDD or SSD
- 50Mbit Port, unmetered (FairUse)
- 20x forwarded Ports v4
- /64 or /80 Subnet v6

The specifications depend on the location, you can find those here:

¹You can request an additional disk up to 100GB with a reason if available.

The Requirements to get one
- Existing account since 4 months, here on post4vps
- Active account (you need to have a decent amount of recent posts)
- You need to have 50 posts before you apply
- Active usage of the KVM

Play nice! zero abuse tolerance.
No TOR, Torrent, VPN's, email servers or any other ilegal stuff.
If we take notice, that a VM's gets abused, the VM will be terminated.

How to get one
- Go to:
- Place an Request
- Post the Token here, with an explanation, what you wanna do with it.
At least 1 sentence
- As soon the Request is accepted, you get your KVM details.

Thanks to our Sponsors to make this Project possible
Germany, Sponsored by Yes
Norway, Sponsored by myWallet™
Fremont, Sponsored by IntoVPS
Thanks to VMHaus for the Sponsored VPS.

Things you should know:
- Keep in mind, the stock system has changed, a placed request is not longer reserved from the stock anymore.
- The Service is provided with no SLA, but we try out best to keep everything running smoothly.
- Support will be provided over post4vps PM or via email if needed.
- No Backups are done on our side, You are responsible for taking backups of your data.
- There is no term guarantee, but the project is already 14 months old.
In addition, the project is covered by several sponsors.

If you have any further questions, let me know.

At least I have a problem when registering! Always rejected! After I restarted Router and Change Browser
And it works!
I think you may not use a proxy when registering
Token: 627a996481113b1580cf2159a614cec44c70d8ae
Solo Developer
So it is the one from LET?

I would honestly let you know that I already have a container from LET's Neoon.

Is it allowed to apply now here for ANOTHER project, providing that I meet all the post4vps specific requirements stated above?

i requested for 512mb one . the reason is that i need vps to offload some of my website load to other vps . the reason is that my current server lately get massive traffic and it starting to struggle . showing connection reset error . with the vps i can load balance or do some other thing to offload the load to the vps so i can get my website running smoothly . 256mb is too low so i requested for 512 and 1 gig is too much probably so 512mb is the sweet spot .

my token -> eb2d0fc522808360a1f469cfe3ebac1d7b285339

thanks for the offering . i already did the requirement
- Existing account since 4 months, here on post4vps
i created my account in april 2017 . 2 years ago
- Active account (you need to have a decent amount of recent posts)
i still active on this forum mainly because the community is great discussing about technology
- You need to have 50 posts before you apply
i have more than 50 post
- Active usage of the KVM
this probably can be measured after i get the kvm
[email protected]:~$ Thanks To Shadow Hosting And Post4VPS for VPS 5
Hello @Neoon

My token is e7a0886389542a2d4feaefdb9a1e7d7a252c5cc3

I would like to use the server to host a website (most likely Nginx with PHP and MariaDB for a blog or similar), test a few things out like scripts that I develop and maybe further down the road a few more things that are of course within the means of the server and not against your ToS. For the website stuff I would do IPv6 only and use CF reverse proxy to serve to IPv4 and IPv6 clients.

I saw your offer on LET already but I'm just lurking there sometimes. So I'm happy you posted it here. Smile I'm confident that I do meet the requirements of this offer.

Thanks a lot.
[Image: zHHqO5Q.png]
my token : 84abceb4d1a0fbbc1998f156e90361b868035df8

i want it to create a ping monitoreing service in norway .and i accept the rules and do not intend to abuse the server . Ty
Thanks Post4VPS
@chanalku91 Read the Requirements.
@tryp4vps If your last project is still active, yes.
@humanpuff69 Deployed
@Hidden Refuge Deployed
@hamed Deployed
(05-11-2019, 10:11 AM)Neoon Wrote: @chanalku91 Read the Requirements.
@tryp4vps If your last project is still active, yes.
@humanpuff69 Deployed
@Hidden Refuge Deployed
@hamed Deployed


Token : 627a996481113b1580cf2159a614cec44c70d8ae

1. Accounts that have existed since 4 months, here at post4vps
I Registered at Post4Vps Since July 2017
2. Active account (you must have the latest number of posts that are feasible)
Post4Vps Is a Great Community For Tecnology, I Can Make Great Ideas From Here!
3. You need to have 50 posts before you apply
I have 403 posts
4. Active usage of the KVM
I Want To Use It For Bungeecord Servers! I Think That's Enough! I do not want the VPS to overload
Solo Developer
Hey are you the same guy that did firefly thingy with game servers? What happened to that? I am curious. Sorry if this is offtopic.
No one knows what the future holds, that's why its potential is infinite
@chanalku91 You need to use the same username as here.
@Kururin I already explained it in the FireFlyGaming thread.
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