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Mybb help: anytime I want to view user profile, this error appear
When I check members profile on my forum, I get this error, check the error by clicking my profile
Please how can I fixed this??

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looks like a character set error.

what is your encoding?
example utf-8.
try disabling the data saver mode . Maybe it will work . Data saving on opera mini espescia;;y the extreme one can get lot of problem due to it is being hghly compresed
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If i am right it can be a issue with your compression if you are using any short of compression then disable it also try checking member profile template for unusual formatting(invalid html) or some unidentified characters mainly boxes or something unusual.
[Image: a3ad5cfbf5.png]
[Image: trk1]
Looks like you are using Opera and have the Turbo mode enabled? That could be the root cause of the issue. Opera Turbo tries to compress the website traffic before sending it to you. This will not always work to your advantage. I would strongly advise against using any of these services because they can inject malicious code into the compressed code of the site.
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I have checked your website and saw the profile page working fine, I can confirm that the problem is in your browser part if it still exists.
(11-12-2018, 01:46 AM)Littlemaster Wrote:  I have checked your website and saw the profile page working fine, I can confirm that the problem is in your browser part if it still exists.

Same, please try another browser or try clearing your app cache
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