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Comeback of PiratesHosting Free Department
(02-10-2019, 01:40 PM)Khadeer143 Wrote:  well arsal know how long it taken his site ph to get popularity and buying new domain is like starting from bottom when it time for business there are many up and downs even above members like coreyman also stop his services at once so its depends on providers and there team

and changing domain name hhh come on thus pirates really matter >? if the name is pirates thus it mean black name ,stolers etc.. it doesn't matter ph have provided paid servers to some customers also they have never complaint about any down issues ,stolen etc...!

probably they associate it to software piracy and the free portion is somehow associated with piracy like pirating software and probably that is why people have complain with the free one
humanpuff69@FPAX:~$ Thanks To Virmach And Post4VPS for VPS 9
Hmm... bringing services up and down several times is not rare in hosting world. I did see providers failed a hosting business, but relaunched the same thing with a different domain name and so on.

In contrast with it, bringing services up and down with the same domain name is rare. But it should be respected because it shows that the provider can face up to the bad history.

So it should still be a good thing for @arsalahmed786 to bring back his free service and I wish him good luck with the relaunch.
Special thanks to VPSVortex for a great KVM VPS.

(02-08-2019, 06:49 PM)coreyman Wrote:  I've personally seen you yoyo your free services up and down several times in the past year. Pulling your free containers from our community because you no longer offered the service due to not being able to afford it since your 'friend' needed money to help with the server cost.

We took a risk letting you on as a sponsor even though it wasn't your own paid for server. We will not do that again.

No we never down since July 2017 (from the beginning), we serve more then 12 month non stop on our first anniversary July 2018 we start selling also with homepage and moved forum into subdomain and in end of the November last year we closed it which is opened now.

Free Gameservers hosted on a VPS i have from P4V (here)
Free Web Hosting will be provide by
and if you don't know about Lnb-Hosting ? read full thread created by @F7N here

Lnb and PiratesHosting both are subsidiary of Hostlease Media Group NL

Close reason was financial issue, Now people say we hosting free gameserver on free VPS and web hosting from Lnb, so here is answer for them.
1. Lnb wasn't even established when we've decide to close, we decide before even our first anniversary, if we didn't earn through ad/donation to renew domain so we wil close it.

2. We giveaway VPS,Premium Hosting, Premium Gameserver as well as domain (domain were canceled due to someone scammed us), So to renew VPS (paid) we also need money which we giveaway on our anniversary and member keep them until November, at most 5 month 3x VPS

So from Hostlease Media Group NL Network there is 2 free sites, and Forum of PiratesHosting, We discussing some ideas to make free service more comfortable for users.
Best regards,
Support Team of Post4VPS.
Thanks to VirMach for Sponsorship and Thanks Post4VPS for providing me a great VPS: 9
LNB Hosting is not related to Pirates Hosting or Host Lease itself. LNB-Hosting has always been an independent hosting but because their 2x already came into financial problems, we (HostLease) have taken matters into their own hands to keep LNB-Hosting running. And yes, LNB and pirates hosting are indeed subsidiaries and so there are still a number of hosting sites that make use of our services. But the goal is to give people the chance of having trouble reselling a reseller or investing in expensive products, LNB is actually a budget provider when you talk about cheap hosting.
HostLease Media Group NL
Premium Shared, Reseller, VPS and Dedicated Hosting, Enterprise Servers & IAAS/SaaS, Performance Optimized Hosting, Solutions. - First Class Premium Hosting

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