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[Canceled] Planned Maintenance - CubeData Services - VPS 8
We will be having a planned Maintenance Period today to install a new remote reboot system to allow rebooting servers more quickly and more easily once a server hangs up and cannot be rebooted any other way.
Downtime is expected and all Services will be down during this period.
Unknown ETA of when the Planned Maintenance Period will happen today(due to having to work with the datacenter remote hands people on this.) and it should be fairly quick process once the remote reboot system is installed and all servers are moved from the PDU to the remote reboot system. all is required after that is time for all servers to boot back up afterwards.
We thank you for your patience & understanding in this matter.

Maintenance was canceled.
We Thank you for your patience & understanding in this matter.
hmm strange, cancellation reason? Hope the problem it was already solved without maintenance mode.
Best regards,
Support Team of Post4VPS.
Thanks to VirMach for Sponsorship and Thanks Post4VPS for providing me a great VPS: 9
reason might be logistics, scheduling, newer developments rendering it unnecessary or something else.
Another strange thing is why do you care? haha
you have vps 9. not 8.

Thanks to cubedata for the update and the amazing service.
Thanks to and for my awesome vps8.
- closed -
[Image: 4ax8Kok.png]
Thank you to Post4VPS and VirMach for my super fast VPS 9!
- DH Blog


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