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(05-07-2018, 09:53 AM)Golden Wrote:  They should at least transfer VPSs and sponsors to here so Post4VPS can take benefit from it.

But you should accept the fact that they do not wish to do it unless someone else tries to arrange the takeover of the sponsorship and the respective provider agrees that it's alright to transfer partnership to here and transfer ownership of the containers to the respective members.  It's not that here to just win a different container and move your data over anyway so stop making a big fuss out of it for nothing unless your willing to put the effort to try and arrange it.
@Golden  Quite a few of us asked this at FreeVPS - I did too right at the beginning of the Announcement Thread.  The staff of FreeVPS must have discussed it then, however didn't give me a response.  The Giveaway Manager only responded much later near the end of the Announcement thread when Goldengate (you?) had asked as well - a response that I thought was rather sarcastic. 

Quote:you seem to have a great misunderstaning of the relationship between a post4host site an its sponsors, @Goldengate. the sponsors generously decided to donate some of their resources under the condition that we managed support for them as much as possible and gave credit where it was due. We can't just up and give the reseller accounts to someone else. That is something the other post4host site would have to negotiate with the sponsor.

I think the "misunderstanding" is on the side of the staff of FreeVPS as clearly that is not what our suggestion intended to happen.  Idea would have been for the FreeVPS staff to ask the sponsors whether they would be willing to transfer their containers to post4vps.  In a way endorse us.  I'd say it's closer to the truth that they didn't want to endorse post4vps and it was up to post4vps to contact the sponsors direct.
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Thank you to the Owner & Staff of Post4VPS and VirMach for an awesome VPS 9 experience!

Thread closed, as requested by the TC. Please PM admins or mods to open the thread.

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