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Abuse of Hobby Section of Forum for scoring Credit Points
Please note that if you make a post in the Movie Sub-Forum that you are scoring credit points.

The same rules apply for the posts that are created in the hobby section as anywhere else in the Forum.  There has to be discussion in the post in your own words.  And if you copy paste something, you have to follow the Forum rule of putting it in quotes AND providing a link to the source of the quote.

If you list a movie, you have to tell us when you watched it.  What was the movie about?  Did you enjoy watching it?  Why are you listing it in the movie section?  Do you recommend it for other members to view and why?  Or did you think it was a iffy or not really a good experience to watch and why do you think so.

Here is an example of a quality post with unique discussion in the member's own words in the "The Last movie you watched" thread:

(01-31-2020, 10:09 AM)sohamb03 Wrote:  Watched the Indian movie, 'Chichchore', a couple of days ago. TBH I didn't like the movie at all. All that was good in the movie was it's plot, and nothing else.

The acting wasn't up to the mark considering the great actors who were casted in the movie, the language was awful and what I didn't like especially was the mention of sexual stuff time and again.

Just bcuz you mention such things again and again doesn't mean you're gaining popularity. Maybe it's appealing to that type of crowd, but for me and people of my standards, it doesn't deserve even a character of appreciation.

Was I to rate it it'd be anywhere between 0 to 1.5 out of 10 depending on my mood at that time Tongue. Overall not recommended, even watching Toy Story series would be productive.


Regarding music.  The same thing.  Don't list a song every day - spread your posts out across the Forum.  Use this section sparingly, and if you do use it, then try to put some discussion in it in your own words.

Like here is an example in the "What are you listening to right now?" thread of a good post:

ikk157 Wrote:Currently listening to My heart will go on (club remix)

I like how they made a classic song into a much faster paced club version, definitely makes it way better in my opinion!
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