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Apple's lies and censorship about data recovery
We all know how "good" Apple products are, right? And we all also know how "good" the repair situation is through the official channels provided by Apple and Apple resellers or authorized repair centers, right? Have you ever dropped your phone into water? Was it an iPhone? Was it working after that? Most likely not...? Could Apple/a Apple reseller or a authorized repair center get your data back? I think that they could most likely NOT.

Apple is a very "consumer friendly" company. They "don't want your money". Apple would never charge you unreal prices to fix a broken phone (which would be about as much as a new phone or so...). And Apple would never lie to you about data recovery, right? Also Apple wouldn't censor people who try to help on their forum? Apple wouldn't censor people who repair Apple products for years and are able to do proper data recovery without hacking anything or doing anything else illegal, right?

The answer to all these question and implications is actually: NO! Apple products are designed badly and mostly so on purpose to die fast or wear out quickly. Apple is absolutely against any kind of repairs (replacing the whole mainboard of an iPhone with a lose audio chip is NOT REPAIR! it's a full replacement). And any authorized Apple reseller or repair center HAS TO DO THE SAME.

Apple is absolutely NOT consumer friendly. They want your money and more. Out of a small issue they make a big one that will sky rocket the bill of a simply repair o almost the price of a new device. They have been exposed for doing that already. Apple will lie and tell that data recovery is impossible. Apple will use censorship where they can (their own platforms) to silence people who actually do repairs on Apple devices for years (I'm talking about repair shops that do good work but aren't a Apple authorized repair center). They will delete their perfectly fine replies and ban their accounts.

The repairs they do are absolutely fine and legal! The phones will be fixed so far that they can boot into the Apple iOS and the owner can perform a perfectly normal and legal iTunes backup of their data.

Apple lies exposed in regards of "turn a small problem into a hefty bill":


Apple lies about data recovery and censorship exposed:

One more with live censorship from Apple:

Spread the news people!

// rant on

I have an iPhone 6S that is cursed with Apple's batter failure. I didn't buy that phone. I got it for free from a relative who got a new iPhone... I would never buy one! And after watching that second exposure about how crooked Apple is... I would'd like to smash to piece of crap against the floor and break it into pieces.

Thank god that thing is hidden away from me in a drawer at work where I unfortunately need it for some Apple related device management (which I absolutely hate because every thinks I'm the Apple Guru... just because I use a shitty MDM software to preconfigure iPads of employees and preload apps on them - god just leave me alone with that crap).

You know what. To do this crap I got a mid 2011 Mac mini with a normal 5400 RPM HDD and that thing had Mac OS Mavericks on it. It required like 2 - 4 minutes to boot up and be usable after login. The updates that usually come once a month or so took ages to install 40 minutes to over an hour. An upgrade from Mavericks to Sierra took several hours. So did an upgrade from Sierra to High Sierra... I wasted two days alone at work to get this crap Mac mini working so far that I could use the MDM tool properly with all the Apple devices we had. And now that thing has a SSD with a patched Mojave installation (because official mid 2011 is not supported by Mojave). It is kinda usable I could say... but how much work did I have to invest? Way too much. All I wanted was to simply manage a larger scale of Apple tablets so that I don't have to spend days doing it by hand... turns out I could have been long done with them if I hadn't used that Mac mini and the software.

Keep saying your Mac is better than a PC... to me it's not even remotely any good. And I used that iPhone 6S for a few weeks. The experience is totally meh to bad. I changed back to my Android phone.

// rant off
With best regards
Hidden Refuge
IT specialist for system integration

i have a solution. There should be a law forcing companies to award half of their advertisements/marketing budget to 3 or more top adverts that warn against the bad sides of the company.
It is like the laws in the west that promote healthy competition between companies and prohibit market monopoly. Each company that wants to run adverts have to reimburse or fund the best exposures on itself every year.

It might result in some fun situations too. Imagine Apple running their normal advert and then you running an advert right after it exposing the bad things.

given how they use the knowledge of psychology and economics against us in devising novel marketing campaigns, they should be forced to it.
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@Hidden Refuge How very true, and how very much on the mark for me.  In July last year I decided to check out iphone vs Samsung to see whether I prefer iphone over Samsung.  I bought a second hand Apple iphone 6 SE (quite a coincidence that your review is about the same phone).  I also bought a second hand Samsung Galaxy S7.  I tried both.  

Although I liked the way Apple work screens are set up, I noticed immediately that the battery took almost double the time to charge compared with the Samsung Galaxy S7.  The battery of iphone also lasted much less for the same functions than Samsung Galaxy S7.  I then went to those magical Apple resellers since there was an offer out from Apple that if you took your phone in before end of December 2018 you could get the battery tested for free and if it had issues you could have it replaced for free.  According to the reseller the battery was in top condition.  So if that is top condition, iphone wouldn't work for me.  

Another reason I absolutely didn't like Apple is that one is forced to register with itunes and buy apps for almost anything.  Hidden is right.  They want to milk you for every dime they can and they don't want your phone to last.  I also hate Samsung Android for its link with Google, and having to register with Google for apps, but at least one is more free there to not have to opt into Google if you don't want to.  I prefer the freedom of Android, whereas Apple with its absolute need to control my phone suffocated me.  Because of this control, possibly Apple security is better, but I'd rather live a little dangerously and have freedom, than the feeling of being jailed by Apple when I'm using iphone.  

So last December I sold my iphone 6 SE and kept my Samsung Galaxy S7.  The latter phone is miles better than Apple any time of the day - it is built better - feels more streamlined in my hand - like for me it's a beautiful phone.  Photos are brilliant on it compared with iphone 6SE that is wishy washy.
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they did this basically because they dont want to repair phone but they want the user to buy a new one . data recovery mostly will get the phone working 'just to get the data' and because it use board level repair that apple really hate and it make broken phone workling again that is why they against it

most water damaged phone data can still recovered . the most important chip is the cpu , nand , and pr ram or nvram i forget but most of that part will nog get water because it is placed in center of the board . most of the time it is the capacitor get shorted that cause the phone to dead
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A final addition by Louis Rossmann who performs a lot of board level repair and also data recovery regarding the blindness of Apple customers/supporters and siding on one side in regards to all the lies.

I absolutely agree.
With best regards
Hidden Refuge
IT specialist for system integration

Here I would try to present an argument somewhat in favour of this approach by Apple. Just as an experiment in debating. It will be messy and long winding. Cause I am horrible at it. let us do it.

Let us assume Apple guys suddenly have a change of heart and decide to help people repair their devices sincerely. To that end they pass a standing order to keep doing market surveys and manufacturing parts for older devices. They also decide to train or help train people who want to do the repair jobs and also prepare the manuals or instructions and diagrams to find faults, both minor and major and compile an referancial rate chart for such situations.

To do all that they will have to engage a good part of their marketing, market research, feedback and customer support, technical etc departments and the return wont be much compared to what this resource and manpower is earning now. They will also lose a big chunk of people who buy new devices, due to failing device or the urge to keep up. I agree that it might be good for the customers for the short run. They will be able to keep a costly device for much longer. But in the long run, advent of new devices and technologies will suffer.

And believe me when I say that even after all that they will have many complaints all over the internet complaining how shitty their service is somewhere or how someone things they could do better by doing something or the other. That is a statistical inevitability.

Now I am not going to get into the argument of whether you need the newer techs and devices in the first place.

The result will be much higher market fragmentation, much less volume of sell and hence profit. So less will go into upgrade and R&D and new tech introductions. In short the company growth will be considerably hindered too.

I agree that most of the companies probably could do with paying much less money and perks to the higher echelon and investing that money in development and paying some more to its lower class workers. There is a big opportunity to improve things there, may be. But overall this will not result in much good.

Cause other companies with much better offers and options will launch and they will push ruthlessly against this so called Good Company Apple and the world not being in a homogenious state, politically, culturally, socially etc, our Apple will have little to do to outcompete them. Cause it lacks the financial might that it could have amassed if it continued down the path of making more profits. They might employ all sorts of tricks to generate mass appeal. We all know how disorienting and biasing adevertisements can get. But I do not see a way out that can be implemented in the near future. May be unless we change or evolve as a species or you want your country to change into another China. But even China is moving away fast from that total control state.

The world is not suddenly going to turn into a big we-are-all-brothers-and-sisters socialist state with people at head who have nothing but good intentions for everybody else. Even a village can't be made to be that way. Heck not even a family.

I guess it is a much safer bet to amass the wealth and try to ensure that it falls in some good hands than distribute it equally among all and let it flow the way it will.

In case of Apple, I guess it is better to do anything short of doing things that is harmful and violating to human rights to maximize profits and be at the forefront of new developments than to become a frinze company, but a good one that would do anything to help every single customer keep their phones as long as they want to. There won't be many customers left after a decade or so.
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@rudra  I don't understand, what you said in the first half of your post is exactly what Apple did during 2018.  They created a HUGE marketing campaign supported by a HUGE technological initiative to fix the batteries of all Apple devices that needed fixing.  Right down to training the Apple resellers at their branches and providing them with testing equipment and batteries to fix the phones.  One could make an appointment to see an Apple Reseller to test one's phone and to have it fixed if necessary and all of that was supported by Apple finance (not sure how but I'm sure there were some initiatives for the resellers to do that for Apple).  I'm not so sure it was really to solve the battery problem, but more a big marketing campaign to get support from their existing customers and also get new customers' attention.  

I went through the battery testing campaign, and it was impressive.  Except nothing of the product really changed.  The iffy battery was found to be OK according to Apple's test results, and it was still slow in charging and needed charging much more often than my Samsung phones.   Apple's first motive is always to sell Apple to as many people as they can.  Fixing Apple so it's technologically the best phone always serve the motive for making the buck first.  For example if the tech team tells the marketing team they're not ready yet to launch on 1st of September or any other date, then the marketing team says they better be ready and produce whatever they have on that day.  So short cuts probably have to be taken by the tech team to serve the higher good - which is always the making of a buck - the sales and marketing team.
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yes. i was saying just that. When these big companies do a recall for some technicsl fault, they do their best to turn even that into a marketing campaign. It is sell and sell more before they get enough time to take a breath anc decide that Apple is mostly crap with may be some good items. Just like any other.

My thesis above was that in current condition, it would be a very bad decision to truely become a "whatever the consumers want" company rather than "we make them want what we want" company.

I mean come on. Kardashians can make a fortune, Trump can become POTUS and majority of Americans can still remain religious christians. That should be dnough to inform you that most of us are sheep and most of them don't even know that. So tell them that their votes matter. Then do WTF you can get away with.

This is what is happening all around.
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(04-13-2019, 10:50 PM)rudra Wrote:  That should be enough to inform you that most of us are sheep and most of them don't even know that. So tell them that their votes matter. Then do WTF you can get away with.

This is what is happening all around.
I guess as long as we need to survive - have a job, etc, then we'll always be sheep. And you're absolutely right, those big tech corporations are counting on that when they do their marketing campaigns. For sure.
[Image: 4ax8Kok.png]
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- DH Blog

Oh lol you guys finally realizing this now? I have detected this apple bullshit from miles before they even started being big company. Their phones are pricey as shit and people buy them like cakes. Do you think they care about those people or making more money? I think you would settle on making more money. Every big corporation is like this. Sure they would give away their stuff for free and you are the money for them, although apple is worst in this case as they are expensive and make money off your data and not being able to repair products leading to rebuying of their product.

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