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Connection refused
Hello bros I'm getting problem in accessing my vps 3 when I try to login via putty or any apps using my password ,IP it says network refused from past 2 days it shows same how to fix ?
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Have you, in the recent days, modified something related to SSH or the firewall of your VPS?

You have a control panel. Why not use the emergency SSH console from it to login into the VPS and find the problem?

Check the firewall, see if SSH processes are running, check if the network adapter is configured properly and if your VPS has network connection.
You might drop your SSH port in the IPTables rules. That's why you cannot connect to SSH or the VPS.
Anyway, can you access the VPS with the browser (if you install webserver)? It's way better to reach your VPS via emergency SSH or its VNC (from Virtualizator, if you have one).
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When I try to connect with ssh from control panel it says java not install
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(09-10-2019, 01:47 PM)Khadeer143 Wrote:  When I try to connect with ssh from control panel it says java not install

Install java and try opening the ssh emergency again Java not installed appears if there is no java runtime software on your computer
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VPS 3 has Virtualizor in it.

You don't need to use VNC to connect to your VPS. There is an option called as "rescue mode" in Virtualizor. Try using it and it'll enable rescue mode.
Emergency SSH access should never require Java or anything else. Like in SolusVM you usually get a IP address with a SSH port, username and password that you can use with PuTTY to connect.

Who knows though. Last time I used Virtualizor was over two years ago.
i didnt find any emergency ssh in controll panel were i can find it ?  im not able to fix my vps problem any one help me by step by step guide please this problem occurs when dynamo restart vps last time

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@Khadeer143  Although I sympathize with your frustration.  Please refrain from using swear words in a public forum.  It doesn't make you look good, and it's also not allowed in the Forum.
Thanks  Abc-hosters LLC  and    post4vps for wonderfull vps 3
You might want to watch your poor choice of words.

So, if the usual emergency SSH console is not available then I would suggest to install Java and use a browser that supports the Java plugin (e.g. Internet Explorer) to launch the Java console to access the server.

From there on I would check the things I mentioned. Also think hard about what exactly you did before @Dynamo restarted your VPS. It might be the very reason for you not being able to access your VPS anymore.

Alternatively feel free to send me a private message with the login details for your VPS control panel and the VPS itself. I'm going to take a look at it once I have some time free.
[Image: image.png]

This is what "Emergency SSH" means and that is what @Hidden Refuge is trying to refer.

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