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Controversial: Does God Exist?
I feel like this thread will be a derailment, since over the years of my life I have observed no matter what you throw at people who believe -- they will continue to do that. There's no point arguing or having a constructive discussion they will be ready to disapprove your claims no matter what. Personally I am Agnostic, I am amazed by the universe's complexity but I do not try to justify it -- as to show if there's something out there controlling it. Either way, I feel like its going to be an never ending discussion which would have both at each other's throat. I do not find that tasteful.
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I dont think these kind of threads should be allowed, since these type of threads can lead to serious fights.
For those who are having problem with this thread, please go ahead and pass your "monthly post count" practices somewhere else.
For those who are commenting against this thread, I request them to please read the conversation as it is fully based on philosophy & science.
@Manal, if some of our members object to the topic, then we have to listen to them as much as we have to listen to you too.  

On the other hand I fully appreciate your point of view in this instance. @Kururin's feedback is without any indication that he actually read the content of the discussion.  

@kabir145 As far as I can see there hasn't been any fights - possibly you only read the content of @Kururin's post.  More important though, there is no need to comment with a one-liner post.  One-liners are against the Forum rules, and members are encouraged if they see something that doesn't look right to them to use the report tool instead.  Please do so in future.

Please note that more one-liner comments of the above type will be removed from the discussion.  Also that topics like these are in experimental stage only.  If there should be "fights" that create tension in the Forum, then the topic will have to be closed.

Please only participate in this discussion if you have something meaningful and well thought through to contribute to the topic.
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(09-26-2019, 02:37 AM)deanhills Wrote:  Please note that more one-liner comments of the above type will be removed from the discussion.  Also that topics like these are in experimental stage only.  If there should be "fights" that create tension in the Forum, then the topic will have to be closed.

The perfect solution for this is to request people to not comment on this discussion unless and until they know what they're talking about and have a logical sense than complaining out of nowhere.

"Explanatory thread/post authors do hold more value than one liners. "
Sorry to blow up this controversial topic/thread. I'm too interested to make a new comment over here. I was reading this thread in the past but never reply to it, as @Manal's answer is way tooooo long and I'm not too interested to read it in serious way, I'm sorry :p.

Anyway, the topic is talking about "Does God exists?" in scientific way.
AFAIK, the more you learn about science, the more you're being an atheist. (Please find what's atheist on Google if you don't know what it is).

Why is that happen?
Science is trying its best to describe how is this world is going. We all know, science does their job. Science succeed to identify age of old thing such as artifact and other thing. Science also succeed describe what happen in the past that make Dinosaur gone, in the most logical way.
So basically, the more you're into science, more possibilities you're going to be atheist.

From that point, what we're debating over and over again is how Earth made. How was this galaxy and another galaxy made.
Science describe that this galaxy with its component was made with Big Bang theory. Big Bang theory is the most logical way to describe how it was. Science told us that at some point, "something" is .. BANG .. exploded. And the result of that explosion is our Earth and other planet, + other galaxy as well.
This become a point where we can ask, how can that "something" made? Who made that "something" thing?

In my holy book, which is The Bible, God is flying around the dark. Then HE said "Create heaven and earth", then .. TING ... Earth is made. Easy but not in logical way. That's the first part where science and religion are never in line.

I cannot really give a comment in such scientific way, but I can give my opinion from psychological way.
Have you ever feel so comfortable after you pray to your God? Yes, I feel the same. I think everybody feel the same feeling.
When you pray to God, you're hoping for a hope. You're focusing your mind to only one thing. You don't mind the other thing that may make you stress. After pray, you will also feel fresh and relaxed, you're ready to take your next challenge.

Do you believe in heaven and hell?
I think it's only our mindset that there is heaven and hell. I don't really believe on heaven and hell. It's only our mindset that if you want to go to heaven, you need to act good. If you act bad, you'll go to hell. At one point it is good for society, as everyone want to be good. But in the other hand, not everybody believe in that point, some maybe are going to act bad as they don't believe in that.
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