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Discord Servers Secured or not
Hi guys,
I have been thinking about it for a long time but never got time to open a thread here and take opinions of those people who are keeping a close eye on Softwares security and how reliable is their security.

What if I create a private discord server and invite no one to that channel and upload some of my important stuff? is there any security risk in doing that? is discord secured enough? or is there any chance of getting that data leaked?
Yes definitely @Decent12. I'm a regular Discord user and a "Bug Squasher" on their official developement server. Security is one of the key focus of Discord and they always try to make it better. In fact they, encourage people to report bugs on their server and that is how you rise from a "Bug Hunter" initially, then approve bugs and report, and finally you earn the role of a "Bug Squasher".

If you're creating a Discord server, no one can join your server unless you create and share an invite. Public Discord servers are a separate thing, you create and disclose the invites openly because you want people to join your community. In fact, Discord servers are meant to be invite only. Smile

Sayan Bhattacharyya,

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Since there are many servers and information on Discord it will not get leaked from the administration level unless it goes a great hacking. I am not sure whether the files and messages are encoded to avoid such issues. But I believe you can store information there safely. Make sure your device and credentials are safe as well. It is not possible to say something 100% safe. Some services may vanish with out a notification. So keep a plan B.

Thank you  Sweet

if you create a discord server, and adjust all settings correctly!
it's likely that your files on that server will be safe!

1. if role settings take all permissions from everyone, other people who enter your private server will not be able to access any of the channels where you store the secret file! (if you create an invitation link and leak it to other people you don't want to want)

2. As long as you don't share your file link with other people the file will still be safe!

I don't recommend storing files in the cloud like that!
1. data leakage may occur in the future!
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