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Hard Disk Health
Ok, i know that this reply is not the answer but iam willing to buy a hard disk so i want to know if it works well or not also if it is heavy or not
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Glad you bumped this thread @youssefbasha

This gives me an excuse to add a really great link that @rudra posted in the Shoutbox.  There was an excellent discussion about external hard drives with @Hidden Refuge, @TrK, @rudra and others and I was sad that it wasn't in the Forum.

Here is the link @rudra posted:

You can start to read the discussion in the Shoutbox from this point forwards:

Hidden Refuge Wrote:Lost 1.5 TB of PS4 game backups. Thanks Western Digital.

Ironically I'd just purchased a 3TB WD external hard disk, happy with myself as it was on special. Now I understand why it was on special. When I returned to Carrefour (major chain of superstores in the UAE) to get another disk as a backup for the WD, I learned that the configuration of all of the hard disks was not the same. You for example get Toshiba Canvio Basic and Toshiba Canvio Advanced. Toshiba Canvio Advanced includes software for securing the hard disk. You can read more about the models here:

in the end I selected Toshiba Canvio basic range for 2 TB. As Carrefour had a special for this one that made it economical to get vs the more expensive models. I didn't feel I really needed added security. Only security I want is that the hard disk is going to last for a while.
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A few things I didn't mention during the discussion in the shoutbox. The WD Red NASWare 3.0 drive was 4 years old and had over 2 years of 24x7 runtime in a server behind it and survived several power outages over its runtime. This are factors that play into failure rates of hard drives a lot. However some brands are just generally so bad that a ton of new hard drives fail quickly and even whole batches (talking about hundreds/thousands of HDDs).
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One of my friends called me and showed a hard disk failure warning in the computer he used in his shop, the hard disk health was very low. Even we try to scan the hard disk the system got rebooted and it took much time than the normal booting time, only way was to send the desktop to the mechanic. At zero point it may be hard to copy.
Use crystaldiskinfo, get some screenshot reports before/after posting so anyone trying to solve your issue can get some information. Hard disks will not serve you forever. Their life span will eventually run out. So backup your data to an external source. Again you still need to post some basic information about your harddisk like manufacturer etc.
/Thread Closed, i guess problem already solved if not ping me or any staff to reopen thread.
Thread reported by @Hidden Refuge report those thread if you think it's should be closed/delete/move it will helpful for our community.
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