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How to Backup MSSQL Database From SQL Server Management Studio?
In order to take a backup MSSQL database, please follow the below steps:
Step-1: Connect to MSSQL Management studio.
Step-2: Once you are connected to Microsoft SQL Server Database Engine, at the left-hand side in Object Explorer pane, click the SQL server name to expand the server tree.
Step-3: Expand Databases and right-click on the database, select Tasks and click Backup. This will open up Backup-database window.
Step-4: In the Backup type list box select Full, for Backup component, click Database.
Step-5: Enter the name for the backup set or accept the suggested default backup set name.
Step-6: Enter Description of the backup set (optional).
Step-7: Choose the type of backup destination to Disk and click Add. Now select the destination where you want to store the database.
Step-8: Once you select the backup destination, click Ok.

Step-9: Make sure that your chosen backup destination is listed in destination box and click Ok.

Step-10: Navigate to backup destination and verify the backup file.

That’s it.
You can also refer to this URL.
Hmm, may I ask a little!
What is the difference from mysql with mssql
I am sleeping !
(01-12-2019, 02:01 AM)chanalku91 Wrote:  Hmm, may I ask a little!
What is the difference from mysql with mssql
Microsoft will feel hurt by your question. Tongue

MySQL is open source and MSSQL paid as it belongs to Microsoft. The MS stands for Microsoft.

You can find more info here:

Quote:Both MySQL and MS SQL Server are widely used enterprise database systems. MySQL is an open source RDBMS, whereas SQL Server is a Microsoft product. Microsoft allows enterprises to choose from several editions of SQL Server according to their needs and budget. But the smart programmers always keep in mind the major differences between MySQL and MS SQL Server to pick the right RDBMS for their project.
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Haha, it's better for them to get hurt, because their software has been cracked, than they are hurt by silly questions Cool
I am sleeping !
What software has been cracked? What are you even talking about, @chanalku91? In case of piracy - read the forum rules.

MSSQL has a free version called MSSQL Express that is limited to max. 4 CPU cores, 1 GB of RAM usage and 10 GB of size. Free of charge.

MSSQL Management Studio is a GUI to manage MSSQL database by the way. It is what Heidi, phpmyAdmin or Adminer is to MySQL/MariaDB.
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lol. i think she means mssql is less secure and more prone to security vulnerabilities that lend to easier hacking.
or may be she thinks Microsoft should only get hurt if their version of sql gets hacked and not for asking questing about it.
I always try to do an elaborate table of alternatives in my mind when I am reading posts from that guy. really cryptic.

may be translator would do a far better job if she/he wrote clearly in native language.
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