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How to get quality backlinks
(04-30-2017, 08:33 AM)humanpuff69 Wrote:  true . my website used to grow fastly when i share my website link to facebook group

just post with viral and clickbait tittle yout website will be blown up
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(06-29-2017, 04:09 PM)maroon93 Wrote:  just post with viral and clickbait tittle yout website will be blown up

wkwkwk clickbait, why you not use gov / edu backlinks ?
I think these backlinks are the best
I am sleeping !
Well Click Bait doesn't help in link building. Its something used in Social media mostly to get quick traffic. Yes a good catchy title will get people to click your links. But the content is not upto their satisfaction then that traffic won't convert.

Gov / Edu links will work if those pages have a good domain authority and and page authority. If not those will be just like spam links with no value. The theory behind Gov or Edu links are since those are from government or reputed education institutions those pages them selves have good link profiles making those pages strong. Plus if these are authentic government or institution pages then there won't be many out going links from those. that's another reason. This is not the case in most cases.

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I don't know if this is the best way. But the easiest way to get a backlink is by doing blog commenting. It doesn't take any great skills than just to go to blogs and comment on posts by filling website's URL in comment section. Other than that, I would suggest you read Neil Patel's blog and subscribe to him so that you can get the skill and begin learning how you can boost your skills in SEO.
Blog Commenting is also one of those old methods which used to work but not anymore. It will works for traffic if the blog is a popular one. 99% times you are getting nofollow link when you are doing blog commenting. Another problem is if the link to be a quality one then page has to have a high DA and PA too. Usually in a case like this you will find 100's of comments in each post. That reduce the value a lot even if it's a DoFollow link. These days Google consider this type of links spam if you have too much of these.

Neil Patel also has a Youtube channel if you find reading posts is boring. ))

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(01-19-2019, 03:46 PM)xdude Wrote:  These days Google consider this type of links spam if you have too much of these.

Neil Patel also has a Youtube channel if you find reading posts is boring. ))
I'm almost certain there are experienced spammers too who have developed a system of spamming the comments with enormous spam links with bots.

In your opinion, what would be a good system to get rid of those bots?
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Yes. of course, bot's are everywhere. There are bots which search for dofollow links and then there are bots which simply hit at everything. Sites which use bots usually dont bother about their SEO rank most of those are what you call chum and burn sites. Even bottling has limitations. You need a good VPS and then you need lots of IP addresses to use.

Today comment spamming is not easy unless the website owner is a totally newbie. When it comes to Wordpress you get Akismet Anti-Spam along with it. This plugin take care of almost all the spam comments. Some use t3rd party comment plugins like Disqus. Personally I prefer Akismet since it hasn't failed me yet. Akismet does have regularly updated list of Bot IP's so the moment bot lands on spam page it knows. You can use Facebook comment system too. But I don't think you can remove unwanted comments in that.

When it comes to Blogger blogs it a must to enable Moderate Comments option. That way if someone comments it wont be visible till you approve it. It's an on going, nonstop battle like many other things in this field. Spammers try to find to new ways to by pass these and others try to plug any spammer loopholes they find. Smile

But you can do the commenting in an intelligent way so the blog would benifit from it and also you would get a backlink. This by manually doing the comments making them meaning full and engaging rather than adding something generic.

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Good backlink is achieved over time.
You can put good articles on your website so visitors can link the article to herself site as a source. After each visit to your site(click your website link). you get a good backlink and original backlink .
dont get free and fake backlinks . by doing this seo rank your site decreases
if you have other seo qusetion ask me i'm seo worker... good luck

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