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I got selected for 3rd phase test of COVID Vaccine
Hello everyone,

   I got selected for the third phase of corona virus vaccine test at NICED in Kolkata,WB. I am to report there tomorrow.

It is not the one developed by AstraZeneca and Oxford University.

It is by Bharat Biotech's COVID 19 vaccine , COVAXIN.

Hope everything goes well. Wish me luck.

Re. I have been a bit careless about mask and all. Yet Im still standing. Hope the vaccine doesn't knock me out instead. Hehe
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I just read about Covaxin and you seems to be the one among 25.000 people that get this vaccine at phase 3.
I don't know about phase 1 and phase 2 as none of our news in my country cover about Covaxin. I hope it goes well.

Don't forget to wear your mask Smile.
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Thank you very much !!!

I won't. Hahaha.

It is an indigenously developed vaccine. I hope nothing serious happens to me and i get to visit after this.

They said they won't allow mobiles inside. Don't know why though. it seems unlikely that someone will be able to steal any IP just by clicking some pictures. May be they are apprehensive that someone might take pictures of something that is not as it should be and god help if that person is litigious type.

Anyways..let us stay positive about our people. Thank you
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Oo, it's a really very brave decision. I don't know how people convince themselves for these types of tests. Here in Pakistan people are scared of simple Corona tests even they are very healthy. Before these vacations in our college a Health Care team came to perform some Corona test. 95 percent students were absent that day, because they were scared of these test.
Wishing you a very best of luck.I will pray for you.

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This must be a very special experience for the COVAXIN third-phase vaccine test.

Look forward to seeing your next post telling us more about how it goes.

And wish you all the best. Honestly I have no idea if I were you, I could live without any mobile phone during the period though. Smile

So you are a special person who selected for this vaccine test, so it is a thrill situation for all of us that what is the result. and we wait for it as for wait next season of any drama. lol...
Anyhow best of luck and keep updating us about symptoms and try to write out what happened with you whatever you think that it's first time you sense in your body. and write it as soon as possible because with the passage of time you forgot and you personally not conclude what good or bad happens with you.
Many thanks for your prayers !!

Actually I think, for me, it is in my attitude towards life.

One, Science is like a religion to me. I think If i suffer from some serious illness or suddenly feel that i have lived enough for a prolonged period, i will donate myself to some scientific endeavour.

Two, I like to experiment with things, even when they are going well. I don't subscribe to the idea that our life goal should be how to live a life of a good kind pious person and maintain some status quo or steady state. I do like to experiment and think deeply and from multiple angles and take risks.

So basically i wanted to help them.

That's reason enough for me. Some in real life asked whether they were giving any money or compensation for this. They are not. (Just 750 rs for expenses. Which is close to nothing).

I think you guys should too. Help scientists... In any way you can.

Thank you for reading.
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Unpopular opinion.
Yes, it is true that medical workers on the front-line during this pandemic are doing a brave job, and they're being recognized and respected for that as well. But what we're missing is the respect for our trial participants. People may think it's about them being selfish to get cured earlier than anyone else. It is not true.

Those trial participants are giving their life on their line, unsure if the vaccine is going to be fatal or helpful. It may make matters worse, or maybe even better. They don't know about anything yet they step forward to help our scientists work on the vaccine and help it get approved as soon as possible. Without them, vaccine that may come in market may have been fatal to people or god knows what could happen.

So let's take a moment and appreciate our fellow warriors like you, @rudra. Thank you for your participation in the vaccine trial.
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@rudra  Sorry I missed this!  What a brave person you are!  Wishing you the very best for a virus that we know a lot about but at the same time not at all. Which is making the element of risk for volunteers like you that much higher.

Hopefully you will keep in touch with us and let us know how it went for you.  How does this work really?  Are you given the vaccine in quarantine or are you allowed to go home?  Do you have to report in every day?  Are you being compensated for it?  Do you get lots of information about how it works?  Maybe a tour of the facility where it is being produced?
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Thank you !!

It took almost 2 hours in all which included dealing with the consent form, waiting inside, check ups and then administration of the first dose. So I am sure you could live for two hours without your mobile phone and computer. :-)

they gave it back once i came out and handed them my token.

thank you, @sagher

Actually I believe everyone is special in their own way due to the uniqueness factor. But yes, it was a special experience. I was waiting for it for some time with much eagerness.

Can`t thank you enough for your kind and encouraging words ! @Manal

Everything you said is so true. Take me as an example. I read a lot and try to understand how it all works. But even the gods in every fields do make mistakes. Also there are many precedents of vaccine trials going wrong. So in essence, this is like believing blindly the experts involved and putting your life on the line.
I am sure all the participants have their own way of thinking why they want to do it. Mine also include the thought that i do not like fighting and killing for the country or religion or race etc. I like to think that I am a human born on the planet Earth. So this is my way of serving science and doing my part in the betterment of everyone on our lovely rock.

:-D Thanks !! You are as encouraging and reassuring as ever !

"How does this work really?"

I mailed the institutes involved in the 2-3 phase trial of the Cambridge-AstraZeneca-SII collaboration COVID-19 vaccine. They accepted me. But I did not wish to go to Pune or Delhi for this. So I was waiting for some trial to start here in Kolkata.

Then I read about this COVAXIN trial starting here and read as much about it as I could find. It only took a call to register myself and they fixed a time and date for me. They also let me know that i won`t be allowed to take any camera, phone or recording device inside. Cause they don`t want to take the risk of any confidential document leaking out.

After I went inside, they gave me a a bunch of documents describing the trial and their liabilities and our responsibilities, for us to read and understand. They were encouraging everyone to ask any related questions to clear any doubts and also informed that we could simply choose to not sign the consent form and leave . Some were asking about whether it was safe to join the trial while they took this or that drug or whether they could bring an older person to take part in this and such. I asked that how am I supposed to know if i got the vaccine or the placebo ? cause what happens if another effective vaccine comes in the market while I am still under observation ? They said that after the trial is over, there is a big chance that the company will call every participant who got a placebo and give them required doses of the vaccine. If someone needed to know about it earlier, then their will have to be some special circumstances and then the company will disclose the information to the participant upon formal request.

After this, I signed the consent form and they gave a copy of it to me while requesting not to send or publish pictures of it due to confidentiality requirements. (I let them know that this was really a weird request , as clearly it didnt contain any intellectual property on which the company could claim any exclusive legal rights. They said that it was just to avoid any undue complexity arising out of such publicity ot to curb misinformation.. whatever..)

Next they did a basic work up including BP, heart rate, weight, height, eye and tongue check etc. After they were satisfied with it , another person took some blood from a vein in my right hand. Next, I was given the first dose of the vaccine ( or placebo). Then another person explained to me about how to use their medical record book to keep track of any signs or symptoms that may seem not normal and which numbers to call in case of medical emergency. They also assured me that they will call from time to time to check on my condition even though they have not encountered any adverse reaction in any participant so far. Then I was released from there, collected my phone and went back to my place.

My next visit for the second dose is in the first week of January, 2021.

It has been 2 days since and i have not felt anything out of ordinary. Not even any lasting pain where they injected the vaccine ( or saline water or whatever the placebo is).

Are you given the vaccine in quarantine or are you allowed to go home?

Allowed to go home.

Do you have to report in every day?

Not really. They have given a log book type thing on which I am required to write about any medical observation and resolution with date and time and also they have given me two mobile numbers which I can call at any time during the trial for assistance.

Are you being compensated for it?

None said about any compensation to me. But one of the participants said that they will pay rs 750 after we are done taking the second dose.

Do you get lots of information about how it works? Maybe a tour of the facility where it is being produced?

Not really. There was absolutely no information about how the vaccine is made or supposed to work on the documents provided. But the doctors in charge were explaining the basics of this type of vaccines to those who asked about it. It is a deactivated virus based one. The old time tested approach.

to be continued...
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