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Laravel or PHP
Believe me, if you are using vanilla PHP just go for it. It will just make your life a lot easier. There is all free course on YT check bitfumes channel, he has 8 hours long course on how he did it. I also tweet my findings on twitter.
Well, I think I would still stick with vanilla PHP. Laravel does look interesting though.

But vanilla PHP is already easy enough for me. And even if you face any problem with it, there are plenty of PHP resources available upon simple Google searches. Smile

I think that nowadays every application based on PHP should use Laravel framework. Vanilla/RAW PHP is nice for some scripting but for a real web application you need a strong structure foundation with all the necessaries utility to work flawless on every environment (dockerization).

Laravel, and the little brother Lumen, are a very good starting point: you get a lot of modules such as storage, blade interfaces, routing system and much more. Laravel is based on Symphony so it got a very strong foundation.
Recently, well a bit of month ago, Laravel changed it rolling cycle releasing more often than before, so you need to stay up to date. It is importating because recently a CVE has been filled regarding a code injection due to a laravel-dependecy exploit.

Your application must be on github with dependabot enable to get the most of it!
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I made an app on blood donation and currently working to make it public. I am testing it with my group. Laravel made the prototyping so easy.
(03-26-2021, 04:23 PM)debjit Wrote:  I made an app on blood donation and currently working to make it public. I am testing it with my group. Laravel made the prototyping so easy.

@debjit  Please don't make one-liner posts that don't make a real contribution to the topic of discussion.  The topic of this discussion is Laravel.  The discussion in your post should therefore be on how Laravel made the prototyping easy. Why did Laravel make the protyping so easy?
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So laravel uses a blade for rendering views. The blade view is a layer over PHP which makes it easier to work with data.
If you are working with MySQL it is also using another layer called eloquent to manage the database and its connection, more like a repository layer. So you don't have to create a raw SQL query. Laravel model takes care of everything.
The default helper function gives you an extra facility, with request() helper you can get your current request from anywhere. with url() helper you can access the current previous URL easily.
Form validation and localisation is inbuild.
Laravel UI package and laravel auth make user registration easy.
Middleware makes it easy to control your app's request.
There is a package for more or less everything you need to create an MVP app in days and not in weeks or months.
Any composer PHP package can be imported to the laravel project.
Here are the travel docs . Just start using and you will never regret it.

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