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Lifelong Free Hosting – FREE Auto SSL – DDOS Protection –
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Notes by Staff
It is important to note Hostpoco requires a review of their service in exchange for the free service.  

In order to qualify for HostPoco's lifelong free hosting, you need to open a client account at Hostpoco first.

After the application you will note that your application is "pending".  It will stay on "pending" until you have opened a ticket and requested the service in your client account.

I have learned that Hostpoco is very conservative with giving accounts.  The service doesn't come automatically.  You need to convince their client support in your request ticket of your authenticity (including submitting a TLD domain in your application) so make sure you submit a carefully worded ticket when you ask for the free service and give them a well motivated reason for needing the service.  Also assure them that you'll be posting a review at and will forward a link to the review via a ticket once the review has been completed by you.

Please note this account is a beginner account.  But with a difference.  You get a mini quality account with genuine cpanel.  Idea is you'll be able to start a small quality Website or blog.  And if you require more space, you can order more paid services through your client account. 

I suspect that since their approach is conservative and hands on with their free accounts, you will need to use the account actively and also carefully abiding by their Terms of Service (TOS).  If there is no traffic on the account and you don't use it, you may lose use of it.  So it's only as life long as the quality energy you put into it.

The panel that comes with this free account is a genuine cpanel. I'm planning to post a review shortly and will leave a link here once I have.

Everyone attract to Free Web Hosting in Google Search. Yes, it’s true and always trying to give the best possible features with our services, and hence most of the clients are now moving with us. Our features like max space and bandwidth perfectly suit for startups..hence we are requesting everyone to try our services once and then decide.

*FREE Startup Plan:$0 /Lifetime
– Single Domain Hosting
– 200MB Web Space
– 200MB Bandwidth
– 2 Email Accounts
– 2 Sub Domains
– DDOS Protection
– 99.99% uptime
– Softacolous Supported
– Tier 1 Technical Support

We also offer you the freedom to upgrade your existing Free Web Hosting plan to Paid Unlimited Web hosting service plan and we guarantee that there won’t be any type of data loss of such upgrades. You simply suppose to initiate an upgrade from the client area and need to pay the respective amount and a new package will be assigned as soon as you are done with the payment!

For more information:

Thank You.
I've made a request since last night, and still waiting to be accepted by service providers!

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Solo Developer
Since many of members victim of fraud from scammer and hackers i request to all forum admins to kindly do verify these kind of services because it will be a big risk also if we avail any kind of hosting an connect it with our containers. even the personal information which necessary to get register with these kind of free services.
i am not blaming anyone it is just a gentle alarm to beaware from scammers.

@chanalku91 please if you get a free service and it is not a scam can you please verify it is good and safe to use?
Thank you Post4vps and BladeNode for vps 6!!!
(08-22-2020, 09:29 AM)OldMeister Wrote: @chanalku91 please if you get a free service and it is not a scam can you please verify it is good and safe to use?

I will verify that it is safe to use or not!, but it looks like the request is not yet accepted, so I can't verify it ! Big Grin
Solo Developer
Good to.see startup free plan that to lifelong offer gonna lookup and grab these offer hope my request is accepted thanks for providing this offer
thank you post4vps and  racknerd for wonderful vps3  Heart
The website design looks really elegant and responsive! 200MB is not really much but surely you can test out many things on it
Good luck with your free hosting hope it stays it for a long time!
Thanks to ReadyDedis and Post4VPS for the amazing VPS 7!

(08-22-2020, 02:01 AM)chanalku91 Wrote: I've made a request since last night, and still waiting to be accepted by service providers!
You seems missed our validation email as we are suppose to manually validate free hosting orders, I have now sent validation email on your registered email id.. please check and action accordingly.
@Pocomaster  It took you a LONG time to respond to very valid questions by the membership of post4vps and as far as I can see no one has been successful to get free hosting yet. This discussion dates back to August 2020! @chanalku91as been an inactive member for a few months now. Please note that I will be keeping an eye on this discussion.  

In the meanwhile I tried to apply for the service, however hesitated at the point when detailed personal information was asked for billing - when it's supposed to be a free service.  We are all warned not to provide personal information, particularly when it's a free service with a record of not getting the service.

If you can provide a genuine application format without need to submit detailed personal information, then maybe this will be a different scenario.  Otherwise, how can we know for sure it's not a phishing expedition?  Particularly when you're only reporting in on a once in a blue moon basis?  You posted this discussion almost 8 months ago!
Thank you to Post4VPS and VirMach for my awesome VPS 9!  

Have you able to signup without giving a payment method? I guess you don't need to provide a payment method to a free account. I know it's free but bandwidth and Space are very little even for a free account.

~ Be yourself everybody else is taken ~

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