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Please don't send PMs for VPS support!
As Giveaway Manager I've had to tolerate a lot of abuse over the last three weeks particularly with PMs.  Like I can handle a certain amount of abuse, but most of those PMs have been completely unproductive and increasing additional negative load on the Giveaway Manager.  Obviously this doesn't apply to all members, and for those who are considerate I'm grateful and I know who you are.  But for those who aren't, this is not helping you or the Forum.  

I've already commented in many parts of this Forum that if you have a VPS support matter, NOT to PM me.  By posting your support request either in the Private VPS Support Forum or the public VPS Support Forum you get others to help you too, and most of all, the content of your VPS Support Request is being recorded for the history of that VPS and for the owner, sponsors and staff to refer back to.  When you submit a PM then that information is lost to the Forum and additional load is put on the Giveaway Manager.

Also please don't use the Shoutbox to discuss your VPS problems.  Important information is lost when you discuss it in the Shoutbox and not every one looks at the Shoutbox.  Open a public VPS support request thread so that any one who can help you will be able to help you for all to see.

Finally, please don't make the support of the VPSs into a personal service from Deanhills.  From a work load point of view, although I'm the Giveaway Manager, technically all of the Admin should be there to help you as well. This is how Dynamo has set the Giveaway Admin Panel up as well. It's supposed to be a team effort. Please don't PM me.  Instead create a VPS Support Request in the appropriate Forum so all the staff can see it and be able to help you as well.  And when you do, be clear about what you want.  Consider the person who has to read your request and provide them with enough information so they can understand what you want, and they can help you.
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