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Regarding the advertisement rules

A while ago Jordy made a topic about the new rules in the advertisement section, I see that there are many people who ignore the rules and therefore simply do not respect the rules. My suggestion with this is to set up a Plugin that people who have to get the necessities before they can place something there. Take an example at, you can only post something there after 15 posts and that would be a nice solution here.

^Gregory J. C.
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Hi Greg. We don't want to make it too strict around here. If you see something specific that breaks the rules, please use the report tool to report it to the staff and we will deal with it then. But to make it more difficult for those wishing to advertise here, I think will be counterproductive for post4vps.

Think back a few years ago when Jordy was also a first timer, and I'm sure if he thinks back to the very first time when he created a forum advertisement at, that it was not all plain sailing then. But at least he had freevps staff then who were patient and compassionate and allowed him to make mistakes, instead of making it so difficult that he would have given up before he wanted to advertise.

If the advertiser is an out an out spammer we'll deal with the offender immediately, however if they are first timers, let us allow them to try their best, and if they break the rules, let them know. If any of the staff fail to pick up on any broken rules, please let us know via the report tool. Many thanks.
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I have to say that in general, I do appreciate deanhills avoids making it too strict rule here on Post4vps.

But it is understandable that sponsors may not want to see too many low-quality advertisements here.

@Pacific Spirit After the previous topic you mentioned, the rules have been updated to state that members need to have 10 quality posts first

So, do you mean you want to increase the post requirement from 10 to 15 now?
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