[Rejected] Keep Post4VPS more care about the privacy
I am starting this topic because I am concerned about the privacy of Post4VPS users. Because I just did a test and it turns out that "guests" not registered members can see the users information of the registered members, and since I myself am very fond of my privacy I would like to offer this suggestion to provide more privacy can guarantee for the active members. Because every "guest" can see the profile content of the registered members. Would the admins want to pay attention to this and have this function closed for the guests who visit Post4VPS?

Many Thanks in advanced.
What exactly is so private on your public profile page? Unless you purposefully put your own or someone else private information on the profile page. If you don't wish to reveal any information that is already public like post count, threads and such simply don't fill anything out in your profile, don't use a signature and don't use an avatar.

You might be happy to hear that profile piracy will/might be a core feature of MyBB 2.0 which is set to arrive soon™ <insert meme here>.
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Which information on Profile do you worry about ? I have just taken a look at my profile and few others including yours and I don't see anything sensitive. Maybe I didn't see what you saw in profile so it might be great if you can explain.

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I think already such thinks are hidden from the profile which may affect privacy of users. Email address which is mandatory is already hidden, also as said by Hidden Refugee Bro it is better not to reveal unnecessary information in the ptofile.
The big deal hiding profiles may impact SEO of the community.

Thank you  Sweet

I've been active in many Forums since 2008, and the information for registered members has always been publicly available. I remember only one instance where the owner decided to block guests from seeing the members list, however after a while he opened it again when he couldn't see the sense of blocking it. For starters there aren't many people who make a study of the information. And if they did, I doubt there are any benefits to be obtained other than some page clicks for post4vps. Also, I'm sure some of the Sponsors would be happy to be identified by guests as that's the purpose why they are using post4vps to promote their VPS business.

However @F7N you do have a right to privacy of your information and if you are worried I could make the following suggestions starting with the tools in your User CP where you can control the user information that is displayed in your forum profile. If this is not enough and you feel you need to hide your Forum identity from public viewing, you could always apply to post4vps to change your user name to something different and we could archive your posts for you (within reason of course).  If you want this, can you please let us know in the User & Staff Private Discussion forum.

For now there doesn't seem to be complaints from any other users and we will keep things as they are. If there are any users who do have a problem can you please create a thread in the User & Staff Private Discussion forum and we will try and help you as much as we can.

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Thank you to Post4VPS and VirMach for my awesome VPS 9!  
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