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SSD Suggestion
Kingston looks familiar to me @sagher. I used Kingston for additional RAM for my desktop - it came recommended from the hardware company who sold me my Dell desktop computer. I haven't used any of the other makes. Possibly @Hidden Refuge is more familiar with the others and can comment on Kingston hard drive.

Have you Googled the products for reviews?
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(03-09-2020, 01:50 PM)Hidden Refuge Wrote:  Purchasing SSDs and similar off Aliexpress or similar sites is basically like playing Russian Roulette. Aliexpress has a lot of Chinese brands that sell very low quality products with short lifetimes and absolutely horrible support on top of draconic RMA procedures when claiming exchange or repair on guarantee (shipping costs higher than the cost of the product and etc...). And sometimes (probably sometimes too often) even products that look legit from well known and popular brands like Samsung are actually fake. So just beware!

If you want a good product you will have to pay the higher price (not the highest). There are good brands like Samsung, SanDisk, WD, Kingston or Crucial and all of them have actually cheap and good products. However not as cheap as those Chinese brands. Think about how Chinese brands get their prices low... low quality and short product lifetime.

Solid point right there!

I absolutely HATE those annoying clones that are extremely hard to tell apart from the originals. They seem to have gotten really good nowadays into making them look legit, even though they’re fakes.

The number one reason people fall for this sort of scam (yup, it’s basically a scam) is that fact that the price tends to be much lower than that of the original.

I personally don’t like sites such as aliexpress and ebay because they’re extremely sketchy. You can easily get scammed from them, and they’re FILLED with fakes.

Sites such as amazon take care of handling the items themselves, making it unlikely into getting scammed. They also don’t seem to have as many fakes (probably because they fully moderate everything that’s being sold on their site).
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