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Samsung ML-2240 Mono laser printer
I have Samsung ML-2240 Mono laser printer, some time ago it stopped working and i thought that its the tuner need to be refilled and i refilled it.
Then tried to open the printer and wait for it to load then i got this
[Image: IMG-20190818-100731.jpg]
But after i added the papers to the papers place it changed to this
[Image: IMG-20190818-100739.jpg]
I still tried to print but nothing, also when i try to print the test page nothing happens.
When i press on the printer icon on pc it says 0 documents in queue.
Red light on the second LED (Toner LED) means that the Toner is empty, a non genuine Toner has been installed and is rejected by the printer or the Toner has simple not been installed properly and is not being recognized (possibly even broken if wrongly installed with force).

The color and blinking codes of the LEDs are described in the manual of the printer which is freely available on the Samsung site or comes printed in form of a book with the printer.

Just a hint: the manual book will not tell you regarding non genuine Toners but we all know that the companies scam people into buying their expensive Toner through firmware and chips on the Toners. Many times this subject has been on the news.
@Hidden-Refuge explained clearly the situation. Printers' manufacturs uses chip-based authentication for their own ink.
This system is not "new" but only the newest implementation are hard to bypass. For "not so recent printers" there is always a modded ink chip carriage.
You should check if you printer is supported by one of them.

I just want to add that printers have also other type of mechanics such as: printing counter, refill flag ect.
MAYBE your toner is accepted by the printer but you didn't flag the refill circuit.
Just check some information about the jumpers available for your printer, they usually solve this type of problem.
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