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Version 1.0 - WIP

TBCMS is a working title for a content management system I am creating using PHP, HTML and Javascript. This project started April 2020, when I began looking for alternatives to Wordpress and simply was not finding a system that both looked visually appealing, but also offered an intuitive yet powerful content manager when it boiled down to page and post creation. Currently, the project is in a conceptualization stage, as I am fleshing out how the interfaces will look prior getting into the code. This CMS will be open source and free to use and will have a comprehensive knowledgeable for developers and designers a like to create theme and plugins for the platform.

Planned Features
TBCMS will feature a wealth of tools for content managers, developers and designers alike to use while creating top tier websites, themes and plugins. Features will include, but not limited to:
- Support for Forums & eCommerce
- Updater core with auto-update options
- Permalink manger compatible with NGINX and Apache
- SEO & AdSense Managers

I would love to hear your feedback on the interface designs and even what features you would like to see included in the development. This platform is being designed with ease of use at mind and you might have an idea or feature that I've not even thought of that would make the platform that much better. Thanks for all the support and feedback! Tyler

WIP Screenshots
[Image: de6d0r1-367b9ac4-519c-4f33-8831-2f3ac520...knyNL2JfCg]

Feather - Icons used in interfaces
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It looks to be a very ambitious project. Something like eating an elephant - which can be done, but only one bite at a time.

There's no shortage of CMS systems available today. With so many different options to choose from, what do you want to separate your project from other CMS. What will you do differently? What will make you stand out as something unique? Wordpress is the popular and highly extensible with modules/plugins/themes - something for everyone. Ghost is an excellent minimalist system. Grav is known as a flat file cms that doesn't require database. Joomla has a reputation as being well designed for larger web portals. Where do you want to fit in? What's your niche?

My other big advise is to not reinvent the wheel. While it's great for learning to make everything from scratch, it's not necessarily the most efficient way to handle such a massive undertaking. You can easily take advantage of other open source assets when creating your project. There's free scripts for just about everything. There's no reason not to borrow/fork/hack from other sources, as long as you fulfill the licensing terms of whatever you're using. It could save you a monumental amount of time, and seeing how other people do things is also a great way to learn.

Just my two cents. Good luck with it. Be sure to keep us up to date when you have a demo to try Smile

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