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The Last Movie You Watched
Ghost Dog | USA | 1999 - A great movie with Forest Whitaker. A man saved by a Mafia mobster is now living the way of a Samurai and is acting as a hitman for his master (the Mafia man who saved him). Great choice of rap/hip-hop music in the movie. Easy 7/10.
Just Watched Solar Impact, Film About Apocalys and Zombie . Inception, About Dreming and creating world. Predestination, Film about Time Loop
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A few weeks ago I finished SpongeBob: Sponge Out Of Water. Actually I had recently started watching SpongeBob and I was really enjoying them so while browsing Netflix I noticed the movie and obviously had to watch it!

The movie was good and entertaining though meant for children ofcourse but if your a spongebob fan you'll still love it. I've yet to watch the new spongebob movie but Im sure that one will be great too
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The last movie i watched was contagion on HBO Channel, At first i thought that was a boring movie, But turns out it was a movie about a pandemic literally almost same things as Covid-19, the only difference was that whoever was infected they become something else their body rots, Literally it was like you are watching 2020 in a movie
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Thanks to Amazon Video, I watched the latest Lupin movie, it is based on CGI. I watched the dubbed version and it is very nice, Lupin has been always dubbed very nicely in Italy. This is the plot from Wikipedia:
In Nazi-occupied France, archaeologist Professor Bresson entrusts his heavily trapped diary and an amulet containing the key to the book to his family. The diary is purported to be the guide to an immense treasure called the Eclipse, which a group of Nazis working for Ahnenerbe seeks to get into their hands. Bresson is killed by the arriving Germans; his family escapes, but is chased down by Ahnenerbe scientist Professor Lambert, and ends up in a car crash which only the infant daughter survives. Lambert steals the amulet, but is unable to find the diary, which was lost during the chase.

In the 1960s, the diary resurfaces during a memorial exhibition in Bresson's honor. Lupin III tries to steal the book, as his grandfather had unsuccessfully attempted before him, only to be foiled first by a pretty young woman disguised as a security guard, then by Fujiko, and to be arrested by Inspector Zenigata. On his way to prison, Lupin is sprung by his friends Jigen and Goemon and sneaks in to the home of the disguised security guard, a young prospective archeology student named Laetitia. He presents a medal identical to the one stolen by Lambert, which Lupin's grandfather had left him. Laetitia contacts Lambert, who has become her adoptive grandfather and on whose order she was supposed to steal the book in the first place. Lambert tells her to bring Lupin and the second amulet to him, in exchange for sending her to Boston University to study archeology.

In the meantime, Fujiko delivers the diary to a small group of Ahnenerbe fugitives still looking for the Eclipse, among them Lambert and their leader Gerard. However, Gerard quickly discovers Fujiko's plan to get the treasure and has her detained. Laetitia leads Lupin to Lambert's hideout, a customized transport plane, where they retrieve the book and the counterpart to Lupin's amulet. Lupin succeeds in disarming the trap and opens the diary, and the two learn that the Eclipse is a power generator left behind by a highly advanced lost civilisation and is hidden in the ruins of Teotihuacan, and knowing Laetitia has led him into a trap, Lupin willingly surrenders to Gerard and Lambert. When Lupin is locked up with Fujiko, the latter uses him as a diversion to escape on her own. Lupin sneaks back into the plane and eavesdrops on Gerard and Lambert, learning in the process that they are seeking none other than Adolf Hitler himself, who reportedly faked his death and escaped to South America during the fall of Berlin, and is now intending to use the Eclipse to resurrect the Third Reich.

When Laetitia, who has also overheard the conversation, confronts the two men, Gerard throws her out of the plane. Snatching the diary and the amulets back, Lupin jumps after her, and he and Laetitia are then rescued by Fujiko, Jigen and Goemon. Left stranded by their adversaries, Lupin summons Zenigata to his location and steals his Interpol helicopter. Zenigata manages to get back on board, and after learning of the stakes, he teams up with Lupin's gang and Laetitia to thwart the villains. During a stopover, Lupin reveals to Laetitia that he has deduced her to be Bresson's granddaughter and that Lambert adopted her only to get his hands on the diary and the Eclipse. He also discovers that his grandfather had actually helped Bresson to find the Eclipse, but afterwards booby-trapped the book for Bresson to prevent the Eclipse from falling into the wrong hands.

In the meantime, Gerard and Lambert find the Eclipse's hiding place, but are unable to proceed past its traps without the diary, forcing them to return to the place where they left Lupin. Exploiting their absence, Lupin's team makes it past the obstacles, but are then forced to discover that their enemies' retreat was merely a ruse to clear the path to the Eclipse. Lambert and Gerard activate the Eclipse, which carries them and Laetitia back to the surface, but Lupin's team intercepts them before they can escape, scuttling Lambert's plane. Lambert uses the Eclipse to get the plane to fly again, and activates a micro black hole to finish off Lupin's team; believing them dead, and drunk with power, he claims the device for himself and incinerates the diary. When he prepares to use the Eclipse to destroy Berlin, Gerard fights him; when Laetitia takes control of the device, Gerard shoots at her, but Lambert takes the bullet for her and dies. Right afterwards, Gerard receives the news that Hitler has been located and takes the Eclipse and Laetitia to him.

When Gerard arrives at the Ahnenerbe headquarters, he meets with Hitler and the two depart on the Eclipse to see its capabilities, and Laetitia is sent to be locked up. She finds herself in the company of Jigen, and discovers that Lupin and his gang beat Gerard first to the base with the help of Zenigata and Interpol, and Lupin is secretly disguised as Hitler upon her and Gerard's arrival. Back on the Eclipse, Lupin gives away his disguise and Gerard attacks him, but Lupin tampers with the Eclipse controls to release a micro black hole directly inside the Eclipse. Gerard is sucked into the hole and perishes while Lupin barely escapes with a gravity device he kept from the Teotihuacan ruins. After a fond but hasty good-bye to Laetitia - and gifting her with the gravity device along with enrollment into Boston as a farewell present - Lupin and his associates rush to escape Zenigata's ever-zealous attention, with Zenigata and his men bidding Laetitia farewell with a salute.
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I haven't had found any interesting movies for a while now. Watched this kids movie called Cat's and Dogs 3 : Paws United. Also an Animated movied called Pets United. My nephew loved both movies and I found both movies are okey from kids standards. Guess it's time to search for great old movies which I have missed some how.
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I watched Matrix because I needed a refresh for the upcoming matrix sequel Oh
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Yesterday... watched a few movies actually:
- U-571 (IMDb)
- Transpecos (IMDb)
- The Platform (IMDb)

I really liked U-571 and it is worth a watch. A acquaintance recommended it to me when we spoke about the new Greyhound movie. Both share the subject submarine warfare and World War II.

The movie that I can however really recommend is the Netflix title The Platform. It's really awesome. The story is pretty intense and violent, too. The idea to this movie... I don't know how you even come up with that but it's great. I noticed Netflix is making some great movies with actors from Spain since about two years now.

Transpecos was so so...

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