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Unlimited Free Web Hosting
Hi guys,

Today I shall introduce you to a COMPLETELY FREE UNLIMITED WEB HOSTING PROVIDER. They are HelioHost, a non-profit web hosting organization based in Kirkland, US.  The company was founded by Ashoat Tevosyan in 2005. It's operated by an active group of volunteers. They own their own physical servers operated out of a professional data center in Silicon Valley. They own three physical servers - Stevie, Charlie, and Eddie. There are five virtual servers - Johnny, Ricky, Tommy, Cody, and Lily - out of which Cody runs their main website, wiki and the forums and Lily is still in development(ie, a non-public server). 

Recently one of the hard drives of Eddie crashed - -  which subsequently caused Tommy to crash.

I could have previously introduced this company to you but I waited. I am doing it today because today's a special day for HelioHost. They have been running a fundraiser for their new physical server - Sparkie - which they have purchased today 

They provide excellent service and anything you need to have your website up and running - be it Java, Django, and lots more. They provide hosting on free hosting on the Tommy server.

They provide support through their forum- HelioNet. They also have a wiki where you can find tutorials for almost everything. Also, I would like to mention that they sell VPSes also -

I am thankful to them as they were the pioneer in my involvement in web development. The service is open for everyone - who wishes to host their website but can't afford unlimited hosting. Except the disk space every other feature is unlimited*.

I would recommend you to try out the hosting service if you cat afford one as you will find all features enabled for yourself. Also, note that you can't create accounts anytime. Signups open up at midnight UTC and remain open till the available slots aren't filled.

P.S.: The links aren't any affiliate links. As they are a non-profit company. they do not have affiliates anyways.

*Emails are limited to 50 a day and cron jobs to 2 a day.

Sayan Bhattacharyya,

Heartiest thanks to Post4VPS and Virmach for my wonderful VPS 9!

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