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VPS 1 Game servers issue can be fixed
hello guys from past months we all know in vps 1 game servers are not working samp or mta sa , well so today i really got this issue solved by evolution host ,actually today the same thing happen by my sponsor vps from evolution host last week they updated there network there network ,ddos protection,and they provided  me new vps with new ip so i install mta sa server and tested it same like in vps 1 ,same problem is repeated again first i had join server but after i left and rejoin server it showed me same reason like in vps 1 server timed out but in ogp panel it shows server runs fine and ports are open so i email evolution host about the problem i got  regarding game servers so they reply my mail support by stating this 

Quote:I can confirm that this was most likely caused by the upgraded DDoS protection. We've proceeded to apply changes to the DDoS protection configuration for your server which will resolve the problem.
then i check again by entering the mta sa server it worked perfect again ,so if host4fun  staff providers also do the same thing like evolution host staff did then the vps 1 will work same like past ,game servers will work perfect again
hope p4v staff mention this to host4fun staffs 
[Image: Untitled-1.gif]
thank you post4vps and evolution host for wonderful vps 10 Heart

I have been saying this a few times already in the previous VPS 1 support topics. I checked the VPSs properly in terms of installation and configuration of OS and the game servers. Everything is and was correctly done for a game server to work by its usual means. If all of that is fine... the next logical and possible step is the network... that is in control of OVH and not the provider Host4Fun. I did also mention that the DDoS protection is the reason for the issues.

I even linked to a thread on LowEndTalk with exactly the same issue and with the same reason for the issue.
Thank you for creating this Thread it shows that you care about other people who has this issue Heart
but as @Hidden Refuge said, we already knew that. Hidden Refuge also mentioned it everywhere. shoutbox, threads ( i think) and more. if i remember correctly. he also said he tried to contact the sponsor but the sponsor have not detected any issues when we already found it and it have remain unsolved.
Again, thanks for mentioning it. Heart
Thank you Post4vps and Host4fun for vps 1.
Yea thats right but why don't they fix same like evolution host did by restoring old upgrades ?
[Image: Untitled-1.gif]
thank you post4vps and evolution host for wonderful vps 10 Heart
@Khadeer143  I didn't have high hopes when I wrote to host4fun. We've had a detailed discussion with Host4fun already about this two years ago when this problem happened the first time with no positive result.  Also, when I did some superficial research of your mention about Evolution Host, I checked Evolution Host's Website and found they are focused on games servers and samp, and provide plugins as well - it's part of their advertised business to provide support for games servers.  Host4fun doesn't have the same focus in their VPS business.  So Evolution Host's game plan is completely different to host4fun's. If you want to run games servers, then Evolution Host is obviously the better sponsor of the two.  As that is where their focus lies.  Doesn't look as though it is the focus of VPS 1 sponsor. When I brought your suggestion to Host4Fun's attention two days ago and mentioned to them what your experience was, this is the response we received - which was pretty much like the one we received two years ago - like one with very little interest in games servers:

host4fun Wrote:[Image: fQem6LK.png]

As others in this discussion already mentioned we have discussed this in numerous threads every where in the support forum in great detail.  Particularly @Hidden Refuge went to lots of trouble to check through things, and it's obvious that the problem (if you want to call it a problem) lies on the Data Center side, not the sponsor. If like Evolution Host the sponsor was focused on games servers, then possibly they would have already sorted out their servers on the Data Center side so that they would be OK to work with SA:MP.  And they would have provided technical support for this.

However, thanks for trying @Khadeer143.  Looks as though VPS 1 is not a good VPS to use for games.  We've finally proven it conclusively.

Since we've discussed the issue exhaustively and we did our best to see what we could do with no result, I'm going to close this discussion as completed.
Thank you to Post4VPS and VirMach for my awesome VPS 9!  

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