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VPS 9 KVM Disk Space - VPS 9 Users Please Note
Please note that Virmach only upgraded the VPSs to the disk space that was used by the VPS Holder to the maximum of 10GB at a time.  So if you need more disk space than has been given to you by Virmach - please ask for the additional space in the support section of the Forum or when you apply for VPS 9. Obviously up to the limit of 100 GB.

Please note that you don't have to worry that the portion that hasn't been allocated to you will be taken away from the VPS. The VPS 100 GB disk space will always be there. Virmach is asking that we only allocate disk space that is really needed by the user.

Virmach Wrote:Your service used to be on OpenVZ virtualization, where we can, in layman's terms, display whatever the "maximum" disk you're allowed on your end without it being fully assigned to you. Now, we are using KVM virtualization, so we're only displaying what's assigned to you at the time, and not your maximum. This just means your current disk allocation is the minimum your package has, based on what our system estimated a good amount for you based on your OVZ usage. Think of it like an all you can eat buffet.

We have the honor system now if you do need more, you can use the button you clicked to expand your disk, 10GB at a time, all the way up to what your server's disk used to be. Even if you don't use it, once you add it, it's permanently there. And if you don't add it, no worries, it'll always be there for you to add.

We appreciate you only adding it if you will use it, to reduce wasted space, but ultimately it's up to you. Please also keep in mind that 10GB is the most this button will expand by, if you only have 5GB left of expansion space, that's what it will do.
Thank you to Post4VPS and VirMach for my awesome VPS 9!  

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