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After a bit of a struggle to sort out the bad login attempts of my HostUS VPS - including reinstalling my OS and having to redo all of my Websites tomorrow again - am quite happy now. The speed really looks great! 
[Image: 7436062676.png]
[Image: 4ax8Kok.png]
Thank you to Post4VPS and VirMach for my super fast VPS 9!
- DH Blog

Haven't touched my VPSs in a while (last time was in South Africa in April before my departure through UAE to Canada) so thought to do so as I had a few minutes free.  BTW, after heavily complaining about my Internet speed to my ISP last Friday, I'm doing much better.  Upload speed is much better and makes a huge difference:

[Image: 8404138545.png]

Compared with the previous speed test when things were very slow:

[Image: 8370369731.png]

Jumped from 68% to 94% in Canada.  

Now here's the thing.  Firefox is not performing too well in this network.  I'm using Chrome more often now.

My VPS 9 of post4vps (Virmach).  Last test was in South Africa.  This one is in Canada:

[Image: 8404151273.png]

Compared with the last test that was taken in South Africa - well I guess I'm now on the same continent as my VPS 9  Tongue :

[Image: vps9-7april-2019.png]

Darn!  My HostUS VPS was down.  First I thought it was VestaCP again.  I then went into my panel, rebooted the VPS, and it wasn't VestaCP.  Must have been something on the side.  So there you have it.  Virmach 10/10 for reliability.  HostUS not so much.

Here is the speed of my HostUS VPS in Canada today:

[Image: 8404181197.png]

Compared with the last test in South Africa:

[Image: 7001787346.png]

Wow!  Looks as though I'm doing worse on a different continent - wait a minute - the VPS is in the UK.  So South Africa ISP is closer to UK than Canada ISP.  Speed is much slower.  I guess one of these days I should ask for a North American IP.  For now, I'll stick with UK however.  May come in handy one day.  This is a very cheap VPS that is effortless to keep for the long term.  I like to use it for all of my VPS experiments.  So it's a guinea pig of sorts.  Tongue

Last but not the least my newest addition this year my Contabo VPS:

[Image: 8404194184.png]

Compared with the last speed test in South Africa:

[Image: Firstspeedtest.png]

Now that's interesting.  It's improved over HostUS with VPS in England.  Contabo is supposed to be German, but I know it has a network in the US too.  Anyway, it beats HostUS in that my Website was still up.  Everything was OK.  Speed not too bad.  Although I expected more from Contabo than from Virmach.  Virmach - my VPS 9 - is still the all round winner in terms of super reliability, consistency in speed and performance.  They may not be the most modern and up to date with their OS, but they are rock solid in performance.

OK now for checking up on all of my blogs.
[Image: 4ax8Kok.png]
Thank you to Post4VPS and VirMach for my super fast VPS 9!
- DH Blog

Hi! For VPS contabo can you review it for me! I need advice for VPS from this one provider
waktu yang berulang ulang!,  nasib tetap sama
I'll see what I can do @chanalku91. Only drawback with Contabo is that they want a picture ID. Their prices are good though.

You should also check with tryp4vps as he mentioned a problem with Contabo. He says the network speed was not good for him. My experience is not the same, but it's not great at the same time. For a VPS from Germany I'd have expected higher speed:

I'll see if I can do a review and do the tests.
[Image: 4ax8Kok.png]
Thank you to Post4VPS and VirMach for my super fast VPS 9!
- DH Blog


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