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Virus Attack
hey, yesterday i made a huge mistake which i never did before. i entered a suspicious link to download a mod for a game. the link made an instant virus attack and made my pc stuck. pc usage is stuck at 100 percent. i have deleted everything the virus installed and got rid of it. but it effected my  google chrome also. my youtube is making likes and sharing videos i never entered and i do not know if saved password on chrome has been stolen. is there anything possible to do to fix it or i need to open a new google and youtube account?
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Check your processes it could be bitcoin miner running on your PC, And if you could provide a little bit more detail what file did you deleted exactly and what was it name or any screenshot would be really helpful in explaining this situation. My friend yesterday had his CPU on 100 percent and i found out that there was a miner running on his pc, Instantly disabled and removed and his PC was fine.
I believe you could use Kaspersky Internet Security Trial version and do a complete scan of your PC and it would remove most likely all the viruses.
Or you could also try MalwareBytes too that sometimes help in the case but i would say go for kaspersky.
Wait for the other people and experts for their opinion!

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thank you for your kind and fast respond. i am using now my laptop for while and im formating the pc. the only thing that is left is to fix the youtube problem. about the files i have deleted i do not remember the name but i do remember the place which i have downloaded the mod
forgot to mention. every time i search something on google. it changes the look of the google (not the search engine) and everytime i click on some website it opens an ads
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with this kind of attack you should consider your pc at most risk.
"formating the pc" should be your best bet indeed. but careful what files you backup.
Kaspersky is a great tool to use and I have used it in the past, like @sAml said, check your processes and terminate anything you do not recognize and kill your network connection as soon as you can. I recommend running a virus tool like Kaspersky in offline mode after you update your definitions. Once you have ran a system scan, make sure you update Windows, I believe the 2010 (October 2020) update has just been released or is about too and using a secured device start changing passwords and setting up MFA if you can.
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Moved thread from Software Sub-Forum to Games Support Sub-Forum.  Possibly we should have a separate Games Sub-Forum on Protection, but for now this is the closest applicable Forum for the discussion.

(10-01-2020, 01:17 PM)OldMeister Wrote:  hey, yesterday i made a huge mistake which i never did before. i entered a suspicious link to download a mod for a game.
That's a bummer @OldMeister.  Sorry to have this happen to you.  What an awful virus to hit your YouTube the way it did.  Has to be plenty of brains and evil in a virus like that.

Having said this, I wonder how one could download a game in a "safe" environment - like "under quarantine".  Like has any one created something like that yet?  Like the equivalent of a "safe room", where the game could be tested first and clicking on the link would not allow the virus to get to the rest of the computer.  I wish I had that on my computer.

On the other hand as others have already suggested is that you should get a really good anti-virus program.  Or Malwarebytes.  Malwarebytes for me is a bit expensive - i.e. the version that monitors your internet activities "live" and would have instantly put the link in quarantine you have to pay for big bucks, but Kasperksy may be good and is not as expensive.

Last night when I was in my e-mails I received this e-mail that looked so sophisticated.  I rarely open e-mails that don't look as though they should be for me or of which the sender is familiar to me.  For a moment I got worried as I decided to click on the "unsubscribe" link, and immediately afterwards wondered whether hackers could set "unsubscribe" up for a virus as well.  "Unsubscribe" links are usually at the bottom of a post, not the top - so hope I'm OK but so far so good. Or who knows, maybe the "unsubscribe" is from gmail as when I clicked on it it went to spam and showed a "sent to spam" note. Doesn't look as though it is safe in any place on the Internet any more and downloading anything or clicking on any link can have lethal consequences.
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thank you for the respond @deanhills and it is new to me that unsubscribe button could be dangerous too. i have reinstalled my pc and everything works fine. youtube stopped go crazy and my pc health is good as new! you can close this thread since the problem have been solved. thank you everyone for your fast and kind responds and woke my eyes to how dangerous the internet can be. i will use more apps to defend my pc and keep an eye of what am i doing and how risky it is
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