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questions you may have about corona virus and covid -19
I am posting this separately as it carries a very important link to a pdf from wiley that has answers to nearly 150 questions related to this virus and the pandemic.

without talking any further, here is the link...

i am also curious if any of you still have some questions about this virus that you didn't find answered there in that pdf..hehe

re. you will have to be cautious and remember that we know very little about all this and some of the informations are very likely to change.
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I'd like to know what the real Case Zero is for Corona Virus.  Where it really started.

I also want to know what the real source of the virus is. There are theories but not fact yet.

I've found a lot of theories but not definite facts yet. Even among scientific papers - I just did a search in PubMed and there are over 1000 papers already on Covid-19, but nothing that answers my above questions yet. Just theories.
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There are more questions than answers right now. I hope for the best of course, but it is not known then will it end, and even when it does, we won't live the same way as we did before it started
I have some doubts about the after effect of this pandemic. What consequences will be there after recovering from Covid? Is there any antibody inside the recovered patients? Or any malfunction of organs?
Actually this decease has tested us and shown us we are nothing against this small creatures. It was able to stop world for months. We need to rework on our scientific knowledge.

Thank you  Sweet


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