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Android: GTA V
Windows 10: Lost Saga
Windows Phone: Subway Surf
IOS: Vainglory
I prefer Game Over There is nothing else
(11-11-2017, 11:10 AM)humanpuff69 Wrote:  COLOR OS IS ANDROID FORK . NOT ENTIRELY ANDROID OS . color os is an android fork that is used in shitty oppo phones . those phone is just care about front camera , almost all their phone have really shitty specs for high prices . because the money goes to the sales that sell oppo phone enough about that basically it is android but with modified UI like MIUI (used in xiaomi and other phone that support it) , Oxygen OS (used in 1+ device) , Funtouch OS (used in vivo (oppo spinoff) device) , etc

and forked os mostly contain different ui than stock mostly better UI and more feature than the stock ,

and for the best gaming os it is hard to choose iOS on the other hand have better optimization but android have more flexibility and also the os itself is more open that mean you can easily install mods but for most people android is a better choice . considering that android is much cheaper than iOS

Sorry for late reply, 
Android is much cheaper and you are right but as i think that android have bad points as it may get hacked / you can download any applications for free (paid applications) <cracked> but at iOS you can't install paid apps for free and iOS is smarter and smoother than android.
While, @sagher
[color=#777777 Wrote:Also huawei used additional EMUI UI interface. but they worked so smoothly.
EMUI is good but it doesn't get update. 
I have a Huawei T1 (Tablet) and it didn't get update till now (from 1+ year) 
[Image: img.php?userid=496]
Thanks For Post4VPS and VPSlices for the amazing VPS 4
Android OS- Simulator Games(Driver Car 3/4/2) Modern Combat, GTA SA/Vice City.. Subway Smile
Thanks to Post4VPS and Host4Fun  for the Awesome VPS-1
Android for me, Pretty much runs everything I throw at it. Its really speedy and optimized also
(02-11-2018, 06:49 PM)Kururin Wrote:  Android for me, Pretty much runs everything I throw at it. Its really speedy and optimized also

Agreed, Android phone is good for gaming for myself, because of if I play game on my laptop, sometimes it got lag.
Android is also easy to use tho.

I play Free Fire, before this I play PES 2018, FIFA Mobile, and some heavy game.
Actually IMO IOS is a really good OS unfortunately due to STRICK POLICIES compared to ANDROID OS mostly of our developer stick with ANDROID.
Thank you VirMach and Post4VPS this awesome VPS 9.

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