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A Question
i have a question, ive been looking for other vps providers in the  Free VPS Providers, and most of them are closed or ended. can someone post here a website that still provide vps?

EDIT: i have another question, when i had vps 1 i saw that i can use only linux... now someone says 
Quote:Only KVM, XEN and vmWare servers are capable of running Windows

now when i checked the vps plans i saw vps 1 Virtualization: KVM
Now can someone explain it to me? why i wasnt able to change to windows?
Windows is paid! And licensed so They will not be able to provide many windows vps for free unless you have a license key :y
My condition is not good
I Request a Holiday to Relax !
yea but the problem is that no one even told me i have the option to change to windows like in vps 8 and 2
It's your responsibility to check that, nobody will tell you. Either way, please stop bugging people with Windows installation, you need a key from Microsoft period.
This topic was a question to admins not for community members. And if you have problems with my requests for windows you can go ahead and report me. Now admins please answer my question. Why i was able to use only linux?
The Sponsor Host4fun does not allow Windows in their 1GB Package. This goes for their paid customers too not only sponsored vps. Admins should add small note about this to VPS plans page.

I was the very first holder of vps1 and I installed Windows and found my vps suspended after 2 days. It was the Here staff found of about this.

Be yourself everybody else is taken ~

Finaly. Someone answering my question and not complaining about me instead of answering...
Thanks @xdude
@Dynamo why it wasn’t mentioned that it wasnt allowed?
First of all, please behave yourself with members of this forum.

Secondly, i'd like to say the question already answered by @xdude as he said he had VPS 1 before so you should belief on him.

about mentioned that Windows OS not allowed in VPS 1, i'll talk to perry, Dynamo and TrK.

Thread has been Closed.
if you think it should be reopen. Pm me or any staff of Post4VPS.
Best regards,
Support Team of Post4VPS.
Thanks to VirMach for Sponsorship and Thanks Post4VPS for providing me a great VPS: 9

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