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TV Shows You Watch These Days
We have a "catch up" feature in our local Cable TV channel and I lucked out one night when I was searching for something good, on three very great TV shows - "Jack Taylor" with Iain Glen (famous for Games of Thrones) in the lead. It's a detective series made in Europe (Ireland specifically) by European movie makers. The Irish setting is awesome and naturally many pub scenes are shown. These guys are really heavy drinkers. Plots of movies are also great. I was disappointed there only seemed to be three of the series available in catchup.

The series is based on a book series of the Jack Taylor character - by author Ken Bruen.
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I watch Indonesian TV but everything is not quality!
I want to watch TV abroad and look for TV advice that suggests quality things compare to user ratings
Last TV Show : Talk Show
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I have heard about that new TV series but haven't seen it yet. I couldn't find anything interesting so i have started watching 2 old series, Stargate SG1. I missed few episodes in middle so im watching 5th and 6th seasons again. Also started watching this TV series from 1987 I think. It's call Tour of Duty. I remember watching it when i was kid in 90's. Don't remember must but I remember it was a good one. A story about Vietnam War.

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I am not watching anime TV series now but I am rewatching some DBZ episodes if that counts Tongue as a TV Series
I too looking for some anime new series recently I checked Netflix for some new series of baki but there r only 10 episodes hosted
I have started watching this new TV series called The Passage. It's a Vampire / Pendamic TV series. Usually Im not a fan of this kind of series but there aren't much to choose these days. Anyway I kind of start like this series. Only watched 2 episodes though.

Be yourself everybody else is taken ~

I'm watching Umbrella Academy these days but it's Netflix series not a TV show. Already watched 5 episodes 5 more to go for season 1. i will post proper review after complete season 1 and hope Netflix bring season 2 very soon.
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