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TV Shows You Watch These Days
I do download and watch tv series when I have free time. So these days I'm watching,
  • KillJoys (Season Completed)
  • Dark Matter (Season Completed)
  • Zoo  (This one is good too)
  • The Strain (Second Season)
  • Blindspot (Pilot episode only but looks great)
  • Minority Report (Pilot episode only)

~ Be yourself everybody else is taken ~

When i still had TV i used to watch "Castle". I dont know why really... The characters are really stupid and the cases no sense. Maybe because of that haha Big Grin

I also hear "Breaking Bad" is good but i never see it.
I watch some reality shows and dramas
*. Americas Got Talent
*. So You Think You Can Dance
*. The Flash
*. Mr.Robot
*. Vampire Diaries etc

Thank you  Sweet

* back in the room
and the others are dutch so i can't say it you never understand what it is!
Only vampire related TV series I have ever watched is Strain. Even it's not about Dracula type vampire. This one about a virus.

~ Be yourself everybody else is taken ~

Doctor Who I guess

I mostly watch Anime since I prefer them over Drama or TV Shows - Free VPSs!
FTV serial romantic
tukul way street ( jalan-jalan )
I only watch Indian TV Shows which is here.
1. CID
2. Savdhaan India
3. Crime Patrol Dastak
4. Agent Raghav Crime Branch
5. Code Red
6. Fear Files Har Mod Pe Darr
7. Comedy Nights With Kapil
8. Indias Next Top Model

It is an American drama television series based on the 2012 novel named 'Zoo'. You should watch this if you are into animals and science.

It's a story about animals gathering together against human race.
I'm watching it too. A good one among TV series which have started in this year. I guess there will be at least another two seasons of this series.

~ Be yourself everybody else is taken ~

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