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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Any Mobile Legends: Bang Bang players here?

What is Mobile Legends: Bang Bang?

It's a 5 vs 5 MOBA game, mostly same with League of Legends but this one is for mobile. It's actually very addicting game and I'm sure for those who don't know this game yet, maybe you might want to try it and play with me or us.

Post up your in-game name so we can play together.

My In-game Name: I Ain't Noob

Comment down below your In-game Name so I or we can add you.

Download APK:
Thank you VirMach and Post4VPS this awesome VPS 9.
The game seems interesting from it's gameplay, I think I'm going to try this game out really soon.
[Image: postcount.php?userid=467]
Thank you Post4VPS and Host4Funfor my VPS!
omg this game :o it's really good Smile
but i delete it '-'(i'll install it)
i'll use: YOuNeS_Dz i'll wait you guys Smile

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