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Did you apply to volunteer in any clinical trials for any vaccine against covid 19 ?
(08-02-2020, 06:41 PM)rudra Wrote:  @ikk157

yes. just counting numbers or percentage is not the whole picture. as i said in my point about cloning the more suitable antibodies extracted from people with minimal to no suffering after contracting the disease (asymptomatic). they have ways to detect, compare and measure the effectiveness. also that is the reason why they can't launch vaccine that fast. they need to ensure that it will work as intended.

which most of us who are uninformed and don't have time and or inclination to read don't know about and keep being indignant at why they are taking so long to bring it out or why they are not ready yet and still talking about couple more months.

live vaccine testing is a way. but very risky and i don't know of instances when they were used in recent past.

Excellent explanation and thank you for clearing my doubt! 

It is indeed very true that misinformed people  (or simply ones that aren’t too bothered to do a bit of research) keep on complaining and bashing on vaccine companies on taking “too long” to release a vaccine out there... and the part that irritates me is the fact that these same people keep creating rumors on this matter, such as those annoying rumors of vaccines that are about to be released when in reality none are. The misinformation and rumors really makes things a lot more worse and you don’t know who to believe anymore.

Anyways once the testing becomes available in your area, I’d love to know the entire process you had to go through. That will answer our questions on how these trials are conducted. It would also be nice if you could ask the doctors/lab technicians conducting the test on you for more detail on the trials, things such as what they’re monitoring and all that (since some stuff isn’t obvious. For example, if they take blood samples, you won’t know what they’re inspecting unless you ask or they tell you).
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yes ! i can assure you that i will ask all kind of questions that come to my mind and some more ( i warn you. dont believe any reports on any possible side effects on a minority of test subjects that make them prone to be very interfering and nosy ... that would be me ... Tongue ) HAHA

well. the way i see it, i think this state probably wont get any test center . cause the western states and their rich and connected people probably want it to remain confined there. Cause i see that most of the centres announced so far are situated there. not in the lower south or Easter areas.

or may be it is due to logistics and infrastructure issues ...i dunno
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